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Free Coffee Alert: If you're a fan of hipster coffee you should be excited about this news... The Manchester Pub (on 2nd Ave. btw. 48+49th) has just partnered with Coffee Foundry to launch a morning coffee pop up featuring beans from Toby's Estate, a small batch roaster from Brooklyn.  The pop up is open from 7-11am and to celebrate, they're giving out free coffee this entire week.  Freeloading caffeine junkies, prepare to engage.

Just a Reminder: Manchester Pub’s $7 Lunch Special Is Awesome

It’s been almost three years since Manchester Pub (2nd ave. between 48th and 49th) first introduced their $7 Lunch Special and, surprisingly, we haven’t visited the place since. Though it seems most food prices are getting higher and higher all the time, Manchester Pub is still offering the same deal it has been for years. Between the hours of 11am and 3pm, you get your pick of any sandwich from the menu for just seven bucks. Sandwich choices include a cheesesteak, buffalo chicken, pulled pork, shortrib, and more, all of which include fries!

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Get $2 Off Manchester Pub Chx & Waffles: Apparently it's Soul Food Month (who knew?) so Manchester Pub, the just out of bounds bar on 2nd Ave. btw. 47+48th, is offering $2 off their most popular dishes: the chicken and waffles and their hawg wings.

Manchester Pub Has New $7 Lunch Special

Remember Manchester Pub, the just out of bounds bar on 2nd Ave. btw. 48+49th that got us excited with their mini pork tenderloin sandwiches and chicken and waffles?  Well it looks like their lunch menu just got a bit cheaper.  From 11am to 3pm daily you can now get any one of their sandwiches (normally priced $9-11) for just $7.  And for all you booze hounds, you can add a beer for just $3.  Don’t think they have the pork tenderloin sandwich, but we’re sure you can make due with their braised short rib sandwich or special BLT.

Your First Look at Manchester Pub’s Chx & Waffles (And Bacon Fondue)

Our Happy Hour Correspondent Mamacita is getting an early start to the weekend (so no HH review), but hopefully this will make up for it.  It’s not a Happy Hour Review, but Lunch’er “Sir-Eats-A-Lot” sent in this report about the new menu items added last week at the Manchester Pub (on 2nd Ave. btw. 48+49th)… which could be a great spot to get your after work eats and drink on.

Had lunch at Manchester Pub on Sat (yeah, I work AND live here). Once they revamped the menu to include chicken and waffles, they might as well have just sent a personal invitation to me.

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Manchester Pub Makes Some Eye Raising Additions to Their Menu

If you liked the pork tenderloin sandwich from the just out of bounds Manchester Pub (on 2nd Ave. btw. 48+49th St.) as much as I did, you’ll be interested to know that they just added a bunch of new stuff to their menu.  New items include fish tacos, pork belly sliders (!), slab bacon with chocolate fondue (double!!), and fried chicken and waffles (for $8!!!).  A few of the sandwiches are outside the ML price range, but you still get $1 off any sandwich during lunchtime.  Sadly, the pork tenderloin sandwich is gone, but they’ve more than made up for it with this new stuff.

Manchester Pub’s Sandwich Entry is Worth Going a Little Out of Bounds For

Manchester Pub’s Sandwich Entry is Worth Going a Little Out of Bounds For


When I started up the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge I don’t remember if I mentioned anything about the boundaries of Midtown Lunch, which right now are 3rd Ave. on the East, 8th Ave. on the West, Central Park to the north, and 32nd St. to the south (got to include Koreatown, right?)  I started these boundaries because, while I feel there are some who will venture to 2nd Ave. or 9th Ave. or 28th St., the majority of lunchers confine themselves to this area.  And in the end, you have to the draw the line somewhere.  I will, occasionally, though break my own rules if there is something really out of the ordinary good.  Something you can’t get anywhere else in Midtown (i.e. Baoguette.)

I don’t know if Manchester Pub’s pork tenderloin sandwich fits that criteria, but they submitted it as an entry to the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge- and it sounded good enough to get me to trek over to 2nd Ave. to check it out.

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