Manchester Pub Makes Some Eye Raising Additions to Their Menu

If you liked the pork tenderloin sandwich from the just out of bounds Manchester Pub (on 2nd Ave. btw. 48+49th St.) as much as I did, you’ll be interested to know that they just added a bunch of new stuff to their menu.  New items include fish tacos, pork belly sliders (!), slab bacon with chocolate fondue (double!!), and fried chicken and waffles (for $8!!!).  A few of the sandwiches are outside the ML price range, but you still get $1 off any sandwich during lunchtime.  Sadly, the pork tenderloin sandwich is gone, but they’ve more than made up for it with this new stuff.

Manchester Pub’s Sandwich Entry is Worth Going a Little Out of Bounds For


  • Being a Liverpool Fan, and a Box owner, i r efuse to comment….only to say …we hammmered you 4-1 at old trafford last season.

    Petty, yes.

  • @Rudy: In America we don’t like SOCCER, sorry chap. But I do appreciate that you have box seats.

  • Rudy, you’re a Liverpool fan? Well that makes Villa’s victory on Monday that much sweeter!

  • The lord jahova(Zach) hath spakeneth to me!

  • Last time that happened was when Zach offered to meet you at Shake Shack to make you a Tues Freak

    Watch out … he may be up to no good again

  • That place is easily the dirtiest bar in Midtown East, and has correspondingly appropriate clientele. Perfect for the ML Happy Hour!

    LFC was killing me in that game. No heart.

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    “Easily the dirtiest bar in Midtown East?” No, that would be maybe the Subway Inn. Dunno why that place hasn’t been a midtown happy hour. I love that bar.

    I used to live on 49, around the corner from the Manchester Pub. It’s been a while since I stopped in, but I used to go there to eat a lot.

    This is a good local bar that serves well above average pub food. Great soups, as I recall, and I enjoyed many a late lunch at the bar here. Very friendly barmaids, as well.

  • Plus the tap selection is quite good, especially for a midtown bar. Dirty? Not when I’ve been there. Happy bartenders, friendly for tourists, and cheap, good eats.

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    Just tried some dishes off the new menu at the Manchester. The fish tacos are excellent. I’m typically not a fan of bar food but they really upped their game with the revamped menu.

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