Manchester Pub’s Sandwich Entry is Worth Going a Little Out of Bounds For


When I started up the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge I don’t remember if I mentioned anything about the boundaries of Midtown Lunch, which right now are 3rd Ave. on the East, 8th Ave. on the West, Central Park to the north, and 32nd St. to the south (got to include Koreatown, right?)  I started these boundaries because, while I feel there are some who will venture to 2nd Ave. or 9th Ave. or 28th St., the majority of lunchers confine themselves to this area.  And in the end, you have to the draw the line somewhere.  I will, occasionally, though break my own rules if there is something really out of the ordinary good.  Something you can’t get anywhere else in Midtown (i.e. Baoguette.)

I don’t know if Manchester Pub’s pork tenderloin sandwich fits that criteria, but they submitted it as an entry to the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge- and it sounded good enough to get me to trek over to 2nd Ave. to check it out.

Don’t be fooled by their menu- Manchester Pub is not a typical, touristy, slightly upscale Midtown pub (I’m looking at you O’Lunney’s).  It’s kind of on the small side, the regulars get there before Noon, and from the looks of the kitchen (you can see it in the back corner), you would never guess they’d be putting out any good food.  And yet… they do.

Deconstructed sandwiches

I don’t know if sandwich is the right word for it, but if I call it a slider Adam Kuban (from AHT) will kill me. Instead of one big sandwich, you get two mini pork tenderloin sandwiches, topped with grilled apples, and something between a grilled onion and an onion string.  I knew from the sound of it, I’d like it- barring any missteps, and luckily there were none.  The pork tenderloin, which looks like it is sliced into medallions and pounded out, before being grilled, was tender and flavorful, and the brioche rolls they use are amazingly soft (and deliciously greasy).  Apparently all their sandwiches are served that way… and you can even order 2 different choices if you want.

Assembled and consolidated with fries from the other container

The only thing you could really complain about is a) I think they use green apples, so that part didn’t turn out as sweet as I would have liked.  And b) it was super greasy… which wouldn’t be one of my complaints- but I could see how others would be bothered.  It also took awhile, so if you are going to take it to go, I’d call and order it in advance.

Even though all the sandwiches on the menu are $10, they give you $2 off sandwiches during lunchtime so it comes it at $8- and it comes with fresh cut fries.  Not a bad deal at all.  I took it to go, and it held up pretty nicely.  I may even have to go back and try out the burger, fish sandwich, and short rib sandwich…

Manchester Pub, 920 2nd Ave., 212-935-8901


  • I tried this after you mentioned it earlier, and I’d say you’re review (grease) spot on. I recommend the sweet potato fries, though. This is a regular sandwich, maybe we can get them to do some crazy special…


  • @fat kid – damn! i wish i had known about the sweet potato fry swap before. i love sweet potato fries…

    although I don’t think this is a “regular” sandwich. i think the apple and onion strings elevate it out of that category.

  • OK Zach, pop quiz: Tasty pork sandwiches at Manchester Pub, or anything at Danku.

    i thought so.

  • I want to do dirty things to that pork sandwich it sounds and looks so sexy.

    For those who tried it: how was the pork? Tender? Seasoned? Lean?

  • Skrewed: According to the review, it is tender, flavorful, and greasy!

  • How did I not win the free lunch to Yushi. I have a Yushi card for crying out loud!

  • Where’s the bloody butter on that bread?

    And Liverpool beat Man u 1-4 at the weekend….heheheh.

  • Had the pork sandwich at Porchetta earlier this week. waaaaaaaaaaaay out of bounds on E7th St but my god was it good.

    Although my favorite pork is when it’s used as a verb

  • A wee bit off topic but the Manchester Pub has very good fish and chips. Anyone know of any other place with good fish & chips with REAL malt vinegar???

  • the chip shop in brooklyn has pretty good fish and chips

  • Becca,once again Magpie cafe in Whitby N.Yorkshire.

    Best chippy in the world.

    And where all the Sushi winners?….all getting pissed on shit saki and laughing at you….thats what!!


  • that looks pretty good Zach…funny cause I was actually in Manchester a few days ago!

    I also had some great fish-n-chips in a small town called Macclesfield… good stuff

  • Did you run into any Man U fans crying, Daniel?

    And if you get the chance take your cemera upto the Forrest of Bowland and the Lake District.

  • We went there for a work team dinner, and everyone was sick the next day due to the amount of grease in the food.

    The sweet potato fries are awesome though! Plus they come with maple syrup. Wish I could eat them every day.

    Also, the Manchester got bought by a new owner recently…their tap selection was way better before.

  • Actually had their combination sandwich platter two nights ago, which basically allows you to mix and match from their selection of 4 or 5 sandwiches. I had the chicken sandwich and fish sandwich (was actually torn between the fish and the mushroom burger – but alas picked the fish). Thought both were done quite well – loved the roasted pear and sweet tangy balsamic glaze on the chicken sandwich and thought the fish was juicy and flaky with a nice fry.

  • Tried their mushroom burger last week at the suggestion of a friend (I’m typically a carnivore but was feeling something different) and was very very pleasantly surprised. Mushrooms were diced and served as a patty and actually had tons of flavor. Sweet potato fries were covered in tempura batter and as someone else mentioned above, served with maple syrup – which was pretty damn awesome. The tempura batter really picks up the syrup. Heading back next week to try their “hawg wings” and pork sandwich!

  • Chips look a bit overdone

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