Your First Look at Manchester Pub’s Chx & Waffles (And Bacon Fondue)

Our Happy Hour Correspondent Mamacita is getting an early start to the weekend (so no HH review), but hopefully this will make up for it.  It’s not a Happy Hour Review, but Lunch’er “Sir-Eats-A-Lot” sent in this report about the new menu items added last week at the Manchester Pub (on 2nd Ave. btw. 48+49th)… which could be a great spot to get your after work eats and drink on.

Had lunch at Manchester Pub on Sat (yeah, I work AND live here). Once they revamped the menu to include chicken and waffles, they might as well have just sent a personal invitation to me.


First, we had the spinach and cheese dip. This was basically spinach dip with a piece of cheddar placed on top. Like all spinach dips, it was good. It came with some chips, which I think were made there. There weren’t nearly enough of them for the amount of dip given, but we roughed it and ate the dip straight up.


Next, another obvious one: thick cut bacon and chocolate dipping sauce. Now, I like my bacon crispy, but this bordered on the dry side. I’m assuming they erred that way because there was a freakin’ dipping sauce for it, but the pieces that were a little juicier (still crispy, though), were great. The sauce had a little heat to it (cayenne pepper is a typical compliment to chocolate), and the chocolate was quite rich, but not very sweet. A little surprising at first, but steadily grew on me. I ended up liking this. The chocolate was better than the bacon.


Last, though an “appetizer,” was the chicken and waffle. I expected a fluffy belgian waffle (like they serve at Sylvia’s in Harlem), but this was flat and crispy, and kinda dry. The chicken also wasn’t real fried chicken, but chicken tenders- though it was cooked just right. It looked gorgeous on the plate. Some syrup was drizzled over the whole thing. Much like the bacon, I wasn’t all that pleased with not getting what I expected at first, but I really liked it by the end.

p.s. If you were wondering, I did end up trying carious combinations of the 3. The chocolate really overpowers everything else.

p.p.s. Don’t judge me

Oh, we’re going to judge you. Judge you to be an amazing human being! Thanks for passing along the info…

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