Just a Reminder: Manchester Pub’s $7 Lunch Special Is Awesome

It’s been almost three years since Manchester Pub (2nd ave. between 48th and 49th) first introduced their $7 Lunch Special and, surprisingly, we haven’t visited the place since. Though it seems most food prices are getting higher and higher all the time, Manchester Pub is still offering the same deal it has been for years. Between the hours of 11am and 3pm, you get your pick of any sandwich from the menu for just seven bucks. Sandwich choices include a cheesesteak, buffalo chicken, pulled pork, shortrib, and more, all of which include fries!

I first heard of Manchester Pub back in June (thanks to the comments on this post), but haven’t taken the time to check it out until now. Generally, I think the burger at any bar is a fair indicator of how the rest of the food is, so I ordered a bacon cheeseburger here. I know, it’s not the most interesting thing I could have ordered, but when I’m craving a bacon cheeseburger, well… I gotta get a bacon cheeseburger. I was charged an extra $0.50 for cheese and an extra $1.00 for the bacon – fair enough – so the whole thing came out to $9.25 after tax. I ordered takeout to save myself a couple bucks on tip.

The burger didn’t come with too many fries, but they were big. They had a natural potato skin taste on the outside and were super fluffy inside. Nothing too special, but they certainly didn’t detract from the meal at all. Also on the side, I got a large pickle and some fresh lettuce, tomato, and onion. I was in a particularly meaty mood, so I didn’t put any of the veggie stuff on my burger, but I was pleased that I had the option to. I also really liked that they gave me ketchup in a plastic cup. I usually don’t have the patience to open a bunch of packets, so this was much easier to access. And the burger itself? That mofo was tasty!

I happen to think brioche buns (like this one) are ideal. You get a soft, bread texture throughout, but the outside is a little more solid and tends to hold messy burgers together real well. This bacon was, for lack of a better word, perfect. It was a beautiful golden brown color and achieved a wonderful balance of crispiness and juiciness. The cheese was delightfully melty, covering the whole burger and gluing the different parts together. The 1/2 pound of black angus beef had a nice peppery flavor and obviously made up the bulk of the meal, but there’s no denying the importance of everything else in the bacon cheeseburger equation. Meat + cheese + bread = delicious. Every ingredient affects the end burger and if the components aren’t working together, the burger is going to suffer as a whole. Not the case here. Everything goes together really well and makes for a totally satisfying experience.

And there you have it. Manchester Pub’s bacon cheeseburger may not change your life, but it will at least make you really happy for one meal. If the burger is anything to go by, this lunch special is an absolute winner. Manchester Pub’s food is cheap, great, and there’s a multitude of sandwich options to choose from. I suggest visiting while you still can – deals this good don’t last forever.

Machester Pub, 920 2nd Ave (btw 48+49th) 212-935-8901


  • Menupages lists most sandwiches at $10-$11, so that’s a nice deal. Kind of wish it wasn’t too far for lunch.

    They list pretty good wing prices, considering so many places are at or above the dollar-wing threshold now. Any idea whether they’re quality wings?

  • @Dave the wings are very high quality. Some of the better ones I’ve had in recent New York memory

  • Then I must wander back to Manchester Pub some day in the near future, and partake of the foodstuffs within. They were one of the first bars not set up as a “craft beer bar” that actually tried to tap a few decent beers.

  • A major omission in this review: no mention of the lunch special of any sandwich paired with a happy hour beer for $10. Pretty sure the beer options won’t be swill there!


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