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At Lunch Now: Sapporo



Is there anything better than a big bowl of Ramen on a cold day, when
you’re coming down with a cold?  The “Special Ramen” from Sapporo (49th btw

When they say “Bulgogi Sandwich”, they mean “Bulgogi Sandwich”

Well, the mystery of the infamous $1 Bulgogi Sandwich has finally been solved.  The Korean Cart on 49th St. btw. 6th & 7th was back this week, and finally had the sandwiches.  Now that I know what it’s made of, it’s hard to understand what took them so long.  My guess is they hadn’t received their “special machine” from Korea.  The pictures on the cart were totally mysterious, but now that I know what it is, it makes a lot more sense.  Here was the picture on the cart:


The sandwich is made up of two pieces of white bread, with bulgogi in the middle.  The whole thing is put into this “Special Korean Machine” that presses the sandwich, and cuts it into the circle you see above.  (Tomatoes not included)

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The Bulgogi Cart on 49th St. (Finally, a proper review…)

Who says 4 posts about a mediocre Bulgogi cart is overkill??? (Clearly you didn’t see me the week Chipotle opened in my building) Well, I said on Monday I would post more info about the food- but I promise this is the last one (until the $1 “bulgogi sandwiches” arrive in a few weeks).  I wanted to post some real pictures of the cart, and tell you a little bit about what they’re doing along with a proper +/-.  Despite the $1 Bulgogi Sandwiches not being available, what they are serving is a pretty amazing deal.

They have Bulgogi (Korean BBQ’d beef) or Chicken, served with rice, & salad for $5.  But here’s the real kicker… they throw in a drink for free!  (Soda or water)  It is a pretty amazing deal.  The menu has spicy and non-spicy versions of each of the two dishes posted, but if you order it “spicy” they just give you a cup of red hot sauce to pour over it yourself.  They also give you a very small cup of kimchi (fermented cabbage), which is a real nice touch.

What I ordered, a picture of the not yet available $1 bulgogi sandwiches, and the +/- after the jump…

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FOUND! The $1 Bulgogi Cart Resurfaces

That’s right.  The $1 Bulgogi Cart that I was tipped off about a week and a half ago, that then disappeared, has resurfaced on 49th btw. 6th & 7th (in front of Del Friscos).  Apparently they had to fix the cart, and now it’s back for good.  Thanks to Gothamist & Eater for helping in the search, and tipsters Johanna & Lisa for emailing me this morning.



Unfortunately the good news ends there… they aren’t going to have the mysterious $1 Bul Go Gi sandwiches for another two weeks! (Despite being featured on the signage)  Right now it’s just Bul Go Gi & Rice or Chicken & Rice… Full report w/ pictures coming on Wednesday!

In related news, the French Croque Monsiur cart reported on Friday by tipster Teen Wolf was not on 54th & Broadway today.  Anybody seen this one?  Here we go again…

Daisy May’s BBQ Cart: the best-scratch that- ONLY BBQ in Midtown

New Yorkers love their BBQ.  If you doubt that, try going to the Big Apple BBQ Fest at the beginning of the summer in Bryant Park Madison Sq. Park (I’m retarded).  I had read tons about it- but couldn’t believe what I saw when I actually went.  People waiting hours in line to buy these tiny $7 plates of BBQ from different vendors from across the country.  And if you want to try all the different choices, you’ve got to go with an entourage of friends, each waiting in a separate line.  Go alone and you have to sit in 3 different one hour lines to get what would be considered a meals worth of food.  And worst of all- what does it say about the BBQ places in New York City?  Are they so bad that you’d be willing to wait an hour for four baby back ribs from Illinois.

Well, despite people’s willingness to wait hours in line every June in Madison Sq. Park, there are *some* decent BBQ places in NYC.  Which one is the “best” is always up for debate- you know, when people aren’t arguing about where to get the “best” burger in town.  (Actually the irony of the BBQ fest being in Madison Sq. Park was not lost on me.  It is also home to the longest burger line in New York City.)

Lucky for us in Midtown there is no real dispute as to where the best BBQ is.  Seeing that Dinosaur, R.U.B., and Blue Smoke are all outside of Midtown- it leaves only one true choice for the best BBQ (for the purposes of this blog of course).  Daisy May’s BBQ.  (Beware those of you who feel the need to speak up for Virgil’s on 44th… unless you want to be accused of being a tourist who knows nothing of good BBQ). 

The actual Daisy May’s restaurant is on 11th Ave. & 46th St., but they have graced Midtown with the presence of THREE carts serving BBQ sandwiches and chili during lunchtime.  I thought everyone knew about Daisy May’s…  but once again, I brought my sandwich back to my desk, and the guy next to me asked where I got it.  I had to answer “The BBQ cart.  You know… the one that is right outside the entrance of our building”.  Of course, this is the same guy who asked if my sandwich from Cosi was a falafel…  (If you work next to someone like this- and I know you do, please forward them a link to this blog.  They need our help the most…)

Pictures, where you can find the three different carts,  and the +/- after the jump… Read more »

Sapporo Restaurant

DSC00399There seems to be a big split among ramen eaters in this city.  Those who love Momofuku Noodle Bar in the East Village, and those who crave a more “authentic” experience.  In many of the anti-Momofuku posts there are lists of authentic Japanese ramen bars in the city… and lucky for us one of them is right here in Midtown.

Now let me just say in advance, I am big fan of Momofuku, but I’m also up for trying new and more authentic places… and Sapporo is definetely worthy of a trip.  The first tip off is the crowd.  They are always crowded during peak lunch hours, and it’s a sit down place- so be prepared to wait. There was a line of about 8 people ahead of us, and we only waited about 5 minutes- so don’t worry too much if you only have an hour for lunch.  The food comes out pretty quick.  If you are a party of one, you should be able to get seated right away at the bar.

What we ate, and the +/- after the jump… Read more »