When they say “Bulgogi Sandwich”, they mean “Bulgogi Sandwich”

Well, the mystery of the infamous $1 Bulgogi Sandwich has finally been solved.  The Korean Cart on 49th St. btw. 6th & 7th was back this week, and finally had the sandwiches.  Now that I know what it’s made of, it’s hard to understand what took them so long.  My guess is they hadn’t received their “special machine” from Korea.  The pictures on the cart were totally mysterious, but now that I know what it is, it makes a lot more sense.  Here was the picture on the cart:


The sandwich is made up of two pieces of white bread, with bulgogi in the middle.  The whole thing is put into this “Special Korean Machine” that presses the sandwich, and cuts it into the circle you see above.  (Tomatoes not included)

Shots of the actual sandwich, after the jump…

The infamous $1 Bulgogi Sandwich


$1 Bulgogi Sandwich, Innards

Is it what it is.  If you like white bread, and you like Bulgogi, than it’s a great $1 snack.  Expecting anything more than bulgogi pressed between two pieces of white bread, and you will be sorely disappointed.  Don’t like Bulgogi?  They make it with Tuna also…

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  • They aren’t there today… or they may have moved? I walked around the block, to 50th street too, they were no where to be found. Was craving cheap Korean food.

    For those that work at SocGen with a view of the corner, can you let us know when they are there? They don’t seem to be very consistent.

  • I think that they don’t come out when it is super cold…

  • I wish I worked closer to that cart, looks really good. Maybe when it is warmer I will make the trek over there.

  • just went looking and there’s no cart out there today. it’s both cold and president’s day, though.

  • I’m going to try again today. It’s pretty warm, hopefully they’ll be out there. I’ll bring a Post-It note with this site’s URL in case they are interested in what we’ve had to say about them. Hope they come out regularly!

  • They are there!!!

    Portions aren’t as large as I was hoping for, but for $5 I can’t complain. It’ll break up my cycle of Halal and Udon.

    FYI: They only had bulgolgi today. No chicken. They did have the $1 bulgolgi patties though.

  • I have tried to go here twice, and it hasn’t been there either time! both were really nice days!! what gives???

  • So the carts def. there every day now, but the infamous 1$ sandwich has gone up in price to…2$. Will try it soon.

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