At Lunch Now: Sapporo



Is there anything better than a big bowl of Ramen on a cold day, when
you’re coming down with a cold?  The “Special Ramen” from Sapporo (49th btw


  • Gahh, I am so jealous. I look out the window- white, whirlwinds of snow. A few minutes later, I look again and it is sunny, bright. Fifteen minutes later, and more whirlwinds of snow. Ramen would be perfect on a day like today.

    Okay, I’m going home and making some pork chops with homemade mac&cheese, can you top that?! =P

  • I love Sapporo and I love the Special Ramen. O so tasty. I work at Lehman B. so go there like three times a week.

  • Absolutely addictive noodles and broth. They charged me an additional $0.10 for take out, but it was well worth it….

  • went today and had the ten-ten-men ramen. it was decent, but i definitely rank it behind momofuku and menchanko.

    note to restaurant owners: if you insist on having an open kitchen, please make sure the staff adhere to some basic rules of hygiene!

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