FOUND! The $1 Bulgogi Cart Resurfaces

That’s right.  The $1 Bulgogi Cart that I was tipped off about a week and a half ago, that then disappeared, has resurfaced on 49th btw. 6th & 7th (in front of Del Friscos).  Apparently they had to fix the cart, and now it’s back for good.  Thanks to Gothamist & Eater for helping in the search, and tipsters Johanna & Lisa for emailing me this morning.



Unfortunately the good news ends there… they aren’t going to have the mysterious $1 Bul Go Gi sandwiches for another two weeks! (Despite being featured on the signage)  Right now it’s just Bul Go Gi & Rice or Chicken & Rice… Full report w/ pictures coming on Wednesday!

In related news, the French Croque Monsiur cart reported on Friday by tipster Teen Wolf was not on 54th & Broadway today.  Anybody seen this one?  Here we go again…


  • Sweet! Do they have kim chi?

  • The Croque Monsieur cart was there Thursday, but not Friday or Monday (despite the dude’s claim that he’d be there). So, the outlook is not so good. I’ll definitely post a comment if I see him again. It’s a large, boxy, white truck (like a FedEx truck).

  • I didn’t see the Croque Monsieur cart yesterday, either. I’ve usually seen it first thing in the morning setting up when it’s been there, and I walk by that corner most mornings (not this one, unfortunately). If I see it, I’ll give you a heads up.

  • I’m eating bulgogi and rice now and it’s delicious! Do take into account, however, the strong (but to me, wonderful) smell that will permeate the entire office.

  • Dude. I can’t help but get the feeling you’re going to jinx your cart with all the posts about it. This $1 special is TOO GOOD to last. They might bring it back at $2 — they need to make up for repair and downtime, right? ;)

  • Visited today. It is back…but at $2 and as tasty as ever. I also sampled the Bul Go Gi and rice at Kim’s Aunts ($6) – It was poor. The meat very greasy and the rice soggy. If you are in midtown stick with the $2 Bul Go Gi cart.

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