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K-Town Halal Cart Kati Roll Fake-Out


Eagle-eyed lunchers may have noticed that the newish halal cart on 32nd Street (btw. B’way and 5th) has kati rolls on its menu. I happened to spot the sign after work one day a few weeks ago, but my excitement turned to disappointment when the vendor shook his head and said he didn’t have any.  Figuring they were out because it was the end of the day, I stopped by again the next afternoon and got the same answer.

When I asked if he ever planned to have the advertised kati rolls, he shook his head again.  (Clearly the guy enjoys shaking his head.)  Kati rolls isn’t something I ever really expected to be able to get in Koreatown, but now that I’ve been teased I totally want one closer than The Kati Roll Company (on 39th btw. 5+6).  Has anybody managed to score a kati roll from this guy?  Let us know in the comments…

Flooding at Food Gallery 32


If yesterday’s post about the Serious Eats review of Food Gallery 32 got you thinking about stopping in for dinner or an after work snack tonight, you might want to hold off. This afternoon, around 3pm, a sprinkler burst over O-De-Ppang! in booth 3 of the Koreatown food court. The FDNY was on sight in minutes to get things worked out. Don’t panic though, word is they should be up and running again in the next couple of hours.

Food Gallery 32 Has the Internet Buzzing

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Are You Have Trouble Understanding How This Works?

Judging by all the heated exchanges in the comments section of last week’s visit to Food Gallery 32, it should come as no surprise that the rest of the food folks around the internet are chattering about Koreatown’s food court as well. On Monday, Eater posted a Good News/Bad News roundup of the reviews so far. Predictably, no one is particularly fond of the ordering system. More importantly, they had some comments on the food. Kitchenette of In a Nutshell somehow wasn’t so into Bian Dang’s pork chop; Dave from Eating in Translation backs me up on not liking the jja jang myon at Jin Jja Roo and wishes the jjam ppong was spicier. Fork in the Road reminds us that we’re talking about a simple food court, so our expectations ought to be a little lower while trying out Hamnok’s seafood pancake (a little doughy and mostly octopus, but well flavored) and bi bim bap (would be better from a stone bowl) along with a hot bowl of haemul kal-guksu from Big Bowl (slightly overcooked noodles, but a good broth).

With only a couple weeks under their belts, I’d again suggest we allow them some time to settle in. If the difference between week one and week two alone is anything to go by, I think they’ll be in good shape by the end of the winter.

Bian Dang’s Crepe Monster Opening Today with Free Crepes

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Here’s two things we just found about Crepe Monster, the new shop on the top floor of Food Gallery 32: 1) It’s owned and operated the people behind Bian Dang (aka NYC Cravings) is one of the owners of the place and 2) they are soft opening today at 1pm and serving free crepes all day long (or until you mooching hordes eat them out of house and home). It’s just a soft opening, and they’re hoping to get some feedback from ML freeloaders fans.  During the soft opening they’ll just be serving up sweet crepes, but eventually they do plan on serving Asian inspired savory ones (bulgogi crepe anybody?) Freeloaders… engage!

Food Gallery 32: You’ve Seen the Inside, Now Let’s Eat!
First Look at the Now Open Food Gallery 32 (aka The Korean FoodParc?)