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Hibachi Heaven Expands with Deli Heaven

hY2BA_A7Katz n Dogz is no longer the only delicatessen truck on the streets. Today on Twitter, Hibachi Heaven announced they’d be launching a new truck called Deli Heaven. From the Twitter account, the truck promises to serve rotisserie chicken, pastrami, corned beef, and NY-style sandwiches. They should be set up on Broadway and 55th Street for their Grand Opening right now. Early adopters, let us know how it is.

Hibachi Heaven Is Now 3 Trucks Strong: Hibachi Heaven hit the streets last year to some mixed reviews, but they must be doing something right, because they have since launched a second truck, and just last week they added a third to their fleet! HH1, HH2 and HH3's locations can be found on their twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker. We are always pleased to see our food truck friends succeed and grow their businesses, so welcome to Midtown, HH3!

Hibachi Heaven Is A Welcome Addition To The Japanese Food Truck Scene

Is 2012 the year of the Japanese Food Truck? Between Domo Taco, Okadaman and now Hibachi Heaven, we have been blessed with a plethora of good new Japanese food options that extend far beyond bentos and sushi. When I first heard about Hibachi Heaven back in June, I was excited, because flat-top cooking is very food truck friendly. Then, when I read Andrea’s first look from when they first opened, I was a little underwhelmed. Finally, I found the truck in Midtown the other day and decided to try for myself.
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Move Over Korea, Japanese Food Trucks Are All The Rage

Korean tacos from a truck are so 2011. While Domo Taco brought Japanese flavors to tortillas, two new food trucks are focusing on more authentic Japanese dishes. Andrea broke the news last month that a brand new food truck called Okadaman will be serving Japanese izakaya food (minus the copious amounts of booze, unfortunately). Well, now we got more specific word of their planned schedule and it sounds like the primary stomping ground will be in Midtown. Woo hoo!

The menu will have a little something for everybody – as long as you like scallion pancakes, fried chicken, noodles, or octopus balls. And they’ll be offering about four lunch combos in the $6 – $8 price range where you can mix and match a few of their menu items. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love Japanese bar food and I’m terribly excited for their launch. The plan is to hit the streets next Friday, June 22 and switch between Midtown East and West during the weekday lunch rushes with extra locations downtown for dinner. Of course, many trucks think Midtown is the place to go right out of the gate and then are overwhelmed by the crowds and parking restrictions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the plan changes once they launch. But let’s hope not.

But wait.  There’s more.  Another Japanese food truck is launching today as well…

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