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First Look: Hibachi Heaven Is The Healthy Version Of Street Meat

As noted on the Midtown site, there’s something of a trend right now with trucks serving Japanese food. Hibachi Heaven debuted last Thursday in the Financial District and this Friday there’s a truck called Okadaman hitting the streets with okanamiyaki and other specialties more commonly found at sake watering holes in the East Village. But this review’s about Hibachi Heaven which serves the protein + vegetables + rice + sauce combo familiar to anyone who’s eaten at a street meat cart. This wasn’t street meat, but it wasn’t exactly Japanese either.

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Hibachi Heaven First Impressions, According To FiDi Lunch’ers

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The Hibachi Heaven truck finally debuted in the Financial District (and the streets of NYC) yesterday after some hiccups delayed the launch from Tuesday. I wandered down early to avoid any crazy lines, and happened to get there a few minutes before they opened making me the second person to order food. My take on it will be coming on Monday, but I thought since a couple of you weighed in after eating there that I’d do a special Friday crowd-sourced review since they’ll be returning to the corner of Water & Broad Old Slip today and every Tuesday and Friday (at Hudson & King on Thursdays). The good, the bad, the lack of rice straight ahead.

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Hibachi Heaven Hitting The FiDi For Real Today: The plan was to launch the new Hibachi Heaven truck in the Financial District on Tuesday, but as often happens there were issues with the truck and it was pushed back. They informed us on Twitter yesterday afternoon that they're shooting to park at Water & Old Slip Broad, so get ready for some protein and rice cooked on a hibachi for lunch by taking a look at the menu. Update: They're parked and will start serving at 11:30.

Hibachi Heaven Truck Debuts Downtown Tuesday

Have you ever thought your life would be complete if there was a truck roaming the streets of NYC serving food cooked on a hibachi? Well, get ready to live (or die?) because a truck called Hibachi Heaven is making its debut on Tuesday in the Financial District somewhere on Water St. The concept seems somewhat similar to one of those Mongolian grills where you choose protein, vegetable and sauce and then it’s all cooked on a hot flat top for you. You can check out the menu after the jump, but it looks pretty simple and thankfully they chose not to fuse the food with anything other than Japanese flavors.

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