Move Over Korea, Japanese Food Trucks Are All The Rage

Korean tacos from a truck are so 2011. While Domo Taco brought Japanese flavors to tortillas, two new food trucks are focusing on more authentic Japanese dishes. Andrea broke the news last month that a brand new food truck called Okadaman will be serving Japanese izakaya food (minus the copious amounts of booze, unfortunately). Well, now we got more specific word of their planned schedule and it sounds like the primary stomping ground will be in Midtown. Woo hoo!

The menu will have a little something for everybody – as long as you like scallion pancakes, fried chicken, noodles, or octopus balls. And they’ll be offering about four lunch combos in the $6 – $8 price range where you can mix and match a few of their menu items. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love Japanese bar food and I’m terribly excited for their launch. The plan is to hit the streets next Friday, June 22 and switch between Midtown East and West during the weekday lunch rushes with extra locations downtown for dinner. Of course, many trucks think Midtown is the place to go right out of the gate and then are overwhelmed by the crowds and parking restrictions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the plan changes once they launch. But let’s hope not.

But wait. ¬†There’s more. ¬†Another Japanese food truck is launching today as well…

Hibachi Heaven is serving grilled beef, chicken, shrimp, and tofu over rice and vegetables or as a wrap. This is a concept most of us street meat fans are familiar with, but it sounds like the flavors will be new to the street. The menu hovers very closely to the ML limit, especially if you are considering ordering extra meat. Based on their website, they plan to be in Midtown on Mondays and Wednesdays. Stay tuned to the ML Twitter Tracker or follow Okadaman and Hibachi Heaven on Twitter for the latest updates.

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