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Around for Eighteen Years, Baked Potato King Unfazed by Sandy

Upon surveying Midtown post-hurricane, I noticed two things since I was here over a week ago: the population of both human beings and newer, fancier food trucks had gone down. Why the absence of food trucks? Many are in Red Hook, Staten Island, the Rockaways, and New Jersey, helping with hurricane relief by providing free food to victims. Others, like Red Hook Lobster Pound, were devastated by Sandy. Others, like Vendy Award sweethearts Cinnamon Snail and Uncle Gussy’s ran into problems with gas and power shortages. However, the older food carts, like hot dogs carts, street meat vendors of all kinds including Kwik Meal and Trini Paki Boys, El Rey Del Sabor, and Hot Soup Cart were all chillin’ in their same spots like nothing had happened. Baked Potato King, which has been around for eighteen years, was no exception. Although Lunch’er Jasmine reported on it back in 2008, this veteran cart hasn’t received much coverage.

As I approached I could smell sweet potatoes as well as regular, and since they are $4.50 each and I feared one wouldn’t be enough, I went ahead and ordered one of each. Although $4.50 seems steep for a baked potato, they are very big mf-ers with ample toppings. I’ve got to admit, my bag-o-food was a lot heavier than what I would normally schlep back to the office for under $10 in Midtown!

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