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Hot Soup Cart Makes Annual Cold Weather Return

Just like UGG boots and being thankful for the gross heat from the subway trains, winter means the return of the Hot Soup cart to Wall St. I spotted it yesterday between William and Pearl streets which is about where it’s normally parked. It looks like the prices are up from last year to $5 for a medium and $6 for a large which is close to approaching Hale & Hearty territory.

Giving The Hot Soup Cart A Second Chance After A Bad First Impression

Anyone who works in the vicinity of Wall St. is probably familiar with the Hot Soup Cart that’s parked on the corner of Pearl. Chris had tried two of the soups there last winter and was smitten enough with the offerings to change his opinion about soup. My first trip to the cart when it was down on Broad St. was not quite such a success. But hey, I’m all about second chances so I headed back to the cart the other day when I wasn’t feeling so hot to see if I had just caught them on a bad day the first time. Read more »

The Hot Soup Cart Has Returned!

I know some of you are fans of the Hot Soup Cart that serves one thing, and one thing only. Well, I spotted them yesterday on Wall St. at Hanover, making their comeback just in time for the cold weather. And they’re conveniently parked across from the indoor atrium if you don’t want to eat soup at your desk.

Hot Soup Cart Changed My Life. Honest.

Hot Soup Cart 004

As those of you who read my post on the stew at Country Cafe might know, I’m not a big fan of soup.  It’s a dish that’s almost always dependent on a complementary item like a sandwich or massive amounts of bread in order to constitute a filling meal.  On top of that, I just haven’t had many earth-shattering soups.  I know they exist, otherwise Seinfeld wouldn’t have dedicated so much time to the Soup Nazi.  I just haven’t really experienced them.  Well, that has now changed and all thanks to a little place I like to call “The Hot Soup Cart.” Read more »