Where To Eat In Midtown On National Taco Day

Did you know that today (October 4th) is National Taco Day? [crickets] Neither did we, but you can bet that now that we’re aware of it, it will forever be a highlight on our calendar. In honor of the day that celebrates the taco, please find some of your humble Midtown Lunch contributors’ favorites right now. Not ever, and not in the history of the universe, just some tacos we’re digging at the moment that will hopefully inspire you to celebrate this national food holiday with us.

Rachel Goldner: beef taco at Blend Latin Fusion Truck

Blend truck’s $6 taco trio is a really great deal. My favorite option is the beef taco that Brian also enjoyed back in May, but you can mix and match your three with different proteins. These tacos are colorful, flavorful and with a nice portion of shredded meat in the double tortilla wraps. A little crema and hot sauce on top, and you’re good to go!

MJP: chorizo taco at Taco Bite

I enjoy the hell out of Taco Bite’s chorizo taco. Whatever chorizo they use didn’t spare the smoked paprika, and that offsets the sauce really well if you get it with the salsa verde. They may not be Piaztlan but they’re pretty darn good tacos on the non-fusion front.

Jenjfen: chorizo taco at Antojitos Mexicanos Cart

I like the tacos at the Antojitos Mexicanos cart on 39th and Park near the Mexican Embassy. Pictured here are chorizo (spicy sausage), carne enchilada (spicy beef), and al pastor (pork). Each taco has two soft corn tortillas, and cilantro, onion, and guacamole sauce. Both red and green salsa are available, and both are spicy. I’m partial to their chorizo tacos with green salsa.

Brian Hoffman: carnitas taco at Tehuitzingo

If you’re willing to walk a little further out of bounds, Tehuitzingo is totally worth it. Their tacos, from the crisp, fatty carnitas to the salty meaty cecina, always hit the spot. And at under $3 each, the price is unbeatable. And maybe you’ll pick up a few Spanish lessons from the constant telenovelas on the televisions above.

Sarah Zilinski: spicy pork taco at Sixth Avenue Mexican Cart

Meanwhile in Flatiron, I am dreaming about a spicy pork taco from the Sixth Avenue Mexican Cart on 6th Ave between 28th & 29th Streets, the cart that Clay visited in July 2011. In particular, the taco needs to have the kind of spice that has me sniffling for at least an hour or so. But considering the menu changes slightly each day, I am open to whatever the taco master decrees offers from his wooden platform.

So, Midtown Lunchers, take this opportunity to celebrate the taco today at lunchtime, and feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments.


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