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Taco Bite Takes a Bite Out of Authenticity

I haven’t worked in Midtown in over 10 years, and rely entirely on Midtown Lunch for my information. Now that I’m writing for ML, I rely on its readers to tell me what I should be eating – so when reader “locondcoco” suggested I check out Taco Bite, I headed over there.

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Taco Bite Truck is a Welcome Sight on 38th Street

Finally… truck visits the underappreciated wasteland of the 30s! Even better, a midtown first-timer! As welcoming as I am towards options in this southern tier of midtown, many ML Lunch’ers and contributors have been less than impressed by the steadily-more-frequent visitor, Domo Taco (I for one really liked ‘em back when I was just a wee Lunch’er, so long as you order the right things off their admittedly limited menu). Taco Bite, which made mention of coming to Midtown last month, finally made good on their word today. Alas, though, when Taco Bite and Domo Taco literally square off back-to-back against each other – no, really – is this newcomer’s promise of authenticity and options going to help give the truck better midtown roots? Is Domo Taco still the king of the tortillas (but only if you get the chicken tacos)? Dive in to this Jets vs. Sharks-esque taco-off and let’s take a bite.

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New Taco Bite Truck May Hit Midtown Soon

The other day I noticed a new big blue truck set up near Union Square, alongside Nuchas and Korilla. This is the kitschy-designed Taco Bite, which just launched last week. I tweeted to them asking when they’d be coming to Midtown and received a response of “Pronto,” which translates to “soon,” for those Spanish-challenged readers.

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