New Taco Bite Truck May Hit Midtown Soon

The other day I noticed a new big blue truck set up near Union Square, alongside Nuchas and Korilla. This is the kitschy-designed Taco Bite, which just launched last week. I tweeted to them asking when they’d be coming to Midtown and received a response of “Pronto,” which translates to “soon,” for those Spanish-challenged readers.

Tacos and burritos seem to be the extent of the menu, but their fillings are comprehensive, with options for everybody, even those who love a good grilled cactus. There are also some promising sauces, especially the “Spicy Mango” and “Pineapple BBQ.” Anybody had a chance to try this truck yet? And if they get enough requests to come to Midtown, I imagine they’ll change “pronto” to “ahora,” so follow them on Twitter here.

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