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Antojitos Mexicanos’ Squash Blossom Quesadilla is the Best Thing I’ve Had in a While

Well folks, I’m going to try to make Monday Meatless. Why? I love animals… but don’t get me wrong. I really love to eat ‘em. So much, in fact, that for years I almost never had a meal without meat. I now enjoy going meatless for a day each week just to make sure I’ve got variety in my diet. I realized since moving to New York in 2009 that there are some great vegan and vegetarian dishes out there that I could be missing out on. Why limit myself? And I thought, why not Meatless Monday since it seems to be the craze… and I can’t resist phrases that employ alliteration, after all. My first sans-meat trek began with a goal of finding the Cinnamon Snail (which I’ve tried before and loved) in Midtown east. But the line was long and slow-moving, and some girls behind me were having a conversation in preppy, sing-songy voices and they were absolutely doing my head in. Then I remembered I only had 5 bucks in my bag, and definitely did not want to leave the line to get cash only to come back to a line three times longer. I had a “fuck it” moment and decided to abandon Cinnamon Snail and explore.

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Antojitos Mexicanos Cart Brings Queens to Midtown

While we have some great food carts in Midtown, some may argue that the best street food in New York is along Roosevelt Avenue in Queens – especially when it comes to Indian, Latin American, and Mexican food. Last week Lunch’er David R wrote in with a tip about a new Mexican cart on 39th and Park that is serving the authentic stuff you usually only find out in Jackson Heights.

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