A Few More Snapshots From the 2011 Vendys


For those of you didn’t get enough of The Vendy Awards from Chris’s post this morning, we figured we’d end the day with a few more snapshots of all the food and folks what were out on Governors Island Saturday afternoon. We start with the gentlemen of Korilla BBQ celebrating their Rookie of the Year win.

_MG_0621 - Version 2

The Street Vendor Project is all about giving a voice to food vendors, so it’s appropriate that the event gave many of them a chance to speak directly to the press and voice their concerns about the recent crackdowns around town. Here, one of the folks from this year’s Vendy Award winner, Solber Pupusas talked with a reporter from the Daily News.


A glittery Miss Softee was seen doing a few interviews as well, while her team handed out ice cream flights.

_MG_0565 - Version 2

The Souvlaki GR Truck pulls a crowd wherever they are. I resisted for a while, but the siren song of pork souvlaki was too much for me.


Of course, pretty much everyone had their cameras out to get photos of all the great food on hand.

_MG_0765 - Version 2

While club music pumped out of the Korilla truck, the acts on the stage were a bit more varied, including this Country-Reggae band, The CityBiliies.

_MG_0408 - Version 2

The Chimichury El Malacon cart learned the hard way that you’ve got to be prepared for the traffic at the Vendys. They ran out of food very early on to much disappointment.

_MG_0575 - Version 2

Tamales Guadalupe served up the best tamales I’ve ever tasted. In my life. I’m going to have to make a trip to Bushwick to give them a try immediately.

_MG_0944 - Version 2

Hero vendor, Paty’s Tacos had some cowboy hospitality, greeting everyone as they handed out tacos with nopales, lengua and carnitas.

_MG_0778 - Version 2

It was wonderful to see so many colorful and interesting outfits from the vendors, including the ladies of Comme Ci Comme Ça.

_MG_0929 - Version 2

Mmmm… corn.

_MG_1027 - Version 2

I have no idea how the judges managed to get through all that food. I couldn’t eat for 12 hours after it was all over. (And is that last year’s Vendy Cup Winner Freddie peeking over their shoulders?)


And this year’s winner of the Vendy Award: Solber Pupusa!

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