Becoming a Mister Softee Vendor (Part 4): Getting the Trucks Ready to Roll

Becoming a mobile vendor is not quite as easy as ehow would have you believe. So in anticipation of Softee Season 2011 we’ve asked Chrissy (aka Miss Softee) to show us the process of what it takes to become an ice cream vendor in Midtown. So far you’ve met the first few hires here and here and seen what it takes to get your paperwork in order to become a licensed mobile vendor. This week the crew begins to ready the trucks to hit the streets. Take it away Miss Softee!


Hey kids!! The RollingCones team has been busy applying for their badges (which we’ll tell you all about next week), but that hasn’t stopped the returning ice cream truck vets from hitting the streets along with this gorgeous weather!

American Cone
And while you’ll recognize their faces, a few things are gonna be changing.  For one, our collective will be posting all of our locations to a single twitter account (@RollingCones) throughout the season and the commissary where our product is stocked is going to start carrying enough special toppings for all the trucks who want to roll out with my best sellers! That means potato chip chocolate dips, oatmeal cookie, and American cones (rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chip cookie crumbles). I will try to get some specials on the trucks for you kids starting next week. ;)

Sooo… if we’re not out working, and we’re not stalking the postal workers who are delivering our paperwork, what have we been so busy doing?? Getting the trucks out of hibernation and ready to go into the streets!!


Every ice cream truck you see in Manhattan goes through an even more grueling process than these vendors — two inspections (one for the truck itself and one for the soft serve machine), permitting, and then mechanical repairs and overhauls. Not to mention that the depot/commissary that they park in is subject to some intense scrutiny as well for its permits. So, what you don’t see is the rotating staff of mechanics, electricians, and cleaners all working day and night to get the fleet in tip-top shape by season opening!!

Since the RollingCones are still in the process of applying for their mobile food vending licenses, we’ll talk more about the process of applying to be a vendor next week and coming up after that — training day at the depot. If you’ve never seen the hilariousness of someone making a cone for the first time, you’re about to!! There will be video! Stay tuned in the on-going saga to open the ice cream season!

In the meantime, which specials from past seasons are you eager to see again?

<3 Miss Softee

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