Midtown’s Next Softee Vendor: Part One

Becoming a mobile vendor is not quite as easy as ehow would have you believe. So in anticipation of Softee Season 2011 we’ve asked Chrissy (aka Miss Softee) to show us the process of what it takes to become an ice cream vendor in Midtown. We’ll meet the potential new vendors, and track their progress through the selection and training process as all of the candidates make their way towards being a full fledged Mr. Softee vendor.  Here’s Part 1.  Take it away Miss Softee!

Miss Softee

Everyone wants to drive an ice cream truck, but not everyone has what it takes to stick around and see the job through. While the joys of slinging the cream far outweigh the cons in my mind, the hours are long, the work can by very physical, and the midtown route is demanding!! So, this season, I’ve been given the opportunity to help bring on new drivers to our team, train them, and work as a day-to-day manager. I’m going to share my knowledge of the industry and business with them and they’ll all be working throughout Midtown with special toppings, happy hour, and more!


As you may or may not know, I was hired a few years ago after seeing an ad on Craigslist calling for ice cream truck drivers. This was clearly my dream job and I needed to have it! So, I went back to CL to solicit more workers for this year. I thought about what it is that makes an ice cream truck worker great and how I could find that in potential candidates. In order to get the job, the ad I posted asked people to “Forget the resume BS … it doesn’t matter what you did before! TELL US WHY YOU WANT THIS JOB!!” Sure, I got lots of responses that were cookie cutter, resumes attached, but I also got exactly what I was looking for from a few people — honest, genuine replies from creative folks that really could see themselves working on an ice cream truck in Manhattan.

Of the 50 people I actually called to discuss the job with, about half made the cut for an interview based on scheduling, interest, logistics, and personality. And, by the end of last week, I’m proud to say that we’ve brought on board 15 new workers (so far)! While a handful of them have experience as mobile food vendors working for other trucks, most of these people have none whatsoever. Their work backgrounds are as diverse as their personalities. This week, the incoming workers will begin the process of becoming licensed mobile food vendors as they register for the MFV food protection class at the Department of Health.

While this is by no means our entire class, wanted to introduce a few of the newest Softee vendors-to-be and share some background on why they wanted to work on an ice cream truck this summer:


Michelle, a local bartender in Manhattan will be blogging her experience as she comes on board as a new vendor!! She’s setting up her blog now, but check out what she wrote in her application:

“I would love the opportunity to work in this type of environment considering I love the heat, I love ice cream, I love the flexibility of the work schedule and I love making money by providing a product everyone loves! The only thing I miss when I bartend at night during the summer is the daylight. This would be a great trade-off, beer/liquor & night life for ice cream and sunshine!”


Patrizza, a former teacher, was soo excited at her interview and after telling all her friends and family about the job she was applying for, asked if she could take a picture with the Softee toy I had on the table to she could post to her Facebook page!


And, last introduction (for now!), Selena, another student, wrote the shortest, but cutest application. In it’s entirety:
“I scream you scream we all scream ice cream. My name is Selena. I am ready to sell ice cream please give me a call.”

Wish all the new candidates luck as they apply and take the first step toward getting on a truck — the Mobile Food Vendor Food Protection Course!!  But we’ll save that one for Part Two…

<3 Miss Softee


  • sweet new column.

    looking forward to the future posts.

  • yeah, this is really interesting. Will there be video montages as well?

  • Will you still be driving a truck with original Miss Softee creations?

  • Did that dirty water dog vendor seriously move his cart to block an ice cream truck?

  • Hey Kids!!

    @hungry — Better!! All of the new vendors will be learning my original Miss Softee creations and coming up with some of their own to add!! They’ll all also be running the Happy Hour menu throughout midtown at their spots.

    @Xerlic — Sure did… Even for a nice ice cream lady like me, there can be issues on the streets, but communication and respect can solve most major problems without resorting to violence or underhanded tactics.

    @ Goats — Yes! We will definitely film the Ice Cream Orientation at the depot going down in March. There are few things more entertaining than watching someone try to make a perfect cone for the first time. Remember when Erik from FancyFastFood.com visited my truck and tried?? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOcS8mPHJzE)

    <3 Miss Softee

    PS — did I mention how much I missed you all this winter!! can't wait to see your smiling faces in April while dishing out the cream!!!! :)

  • @Wellerfan-I think you may have inadvertently hit on something there. Guinness ice cream….mmmmmm!

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    I’ve had Guinness ice cream. And it was as great as it sounds. Bring on the spring and bring on the ice cream!!

  • Good luck to the applicants. Sounds very interesting.

    Hope you are back on the streets soon, Miss Softee.

  • I must tell you that guinness floats are made of heaven!! also make great shakes.. and if you snuck up to your fav server with a guinness in a bag, a wink, and a tip, i wouldn’t be surprised if you walked away with either of the above.

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    This is really nice. I had the most fun working a stand at San Genarro’s.
    I would like to take my nephews to meet miss softee before she moves on up.

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