Midtown’s Next Softee Vendor: Part Two

Becoming a mobile vendor is not quite as easy as ehow would have you believe. So in anticipation of Softee Season 2011 we’ve asked Chrissy (aka Miss Softee) to show us the process of what it takes to become an ice cream vendor in Midtown. We’ll meet the potential new vendors, and track their progress through the selection and training process as all of the candidates make their way towards being a full fledged Mr. Softee vendor. Last week you met the first few hires, this week Team Softee 2011 adds more drivers to the crew. Take it away Miss Softee!


This week all of the new midtown Softee crew headed down to the Department of Health to register to take their Mobile Food Vending classes. Most of the group will go through the actual class in early March, but in the meantime, they’re getting more and more excited to meet you all and are imagining all the ways to bring something unique to their trucks!! I’m pleased to introduce you to a few more drivers that were hired last week.


Caitlin has dreamed her entire life of working on an ice cream truck. She reminds me a little of myself… sweet, sassy, and totally into a sexy, retro style. Of course, that’s going to come out on the truck! She’s dying to wear this handmade swimsuit while serving and is asking for your help to make it happen. She’ll be blogging about the season here. If you feel so inclined to donate to the swimsuit fund, Caitlin will gladly glide around and pose like a classy vintage pin-up while she’s on the truck!

Also blogging along for the season is Shelly. Who is already at work dreaming up some excellent topping combos.

Nicole drove a Softee ice cream truck last season in Long Island. Right now, she’s enrolled in culinary school and has for the past few years been baking professionally… but not your typical sheet-pan birthday cakes! She does ‘naughty’ themed delights that are too racy to post here for bachelorette parties and has a twisted sense of humor that delights her customers. Just take a look at this totally edible kitty-litter inspired cake she dreamt up for a client that wanted a practical joke! She’s gonna bring her quirky, tasteful teasing to you all with a secret menu for the ‘late night’ crowd, full of naughty shaped deserts to giggle over, interesting flavor combos to drool over, and surprises to make you squeal!

Matt may have been a corporate grunt in the past, but now he is a full-fledged rocker bent on putting his eclectic style (hats, shades, and bling) and electric guitar to good use! He dreams of bringing engaging challenges and live music to his truck. In the works… making a sundae so massive, so decadent, so utterly amazing, that anyone who can finish it by themselves in a certain amount of time will get it for free!! Are you guys ready to have a Man(v)Food style contests anytime you want, on the Midtown streets? Check out what he’s into on his blog: or follow on twitter @5bsc

Coming up next week — inside footage and commentary from the crew as they take their Mobile Food Vendor Food Protection course!

<3 Miss Softee

PS — We’re working on a handle name for this bunch of unique drivers … any suggestions for us to consider? If we pick your name, there’s a month of free ice cream from the collective drivers waiting as your prize!!


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