2 Bros. Pizza Trying Out New “Burger Bros” Concept

As if Midtown didn’t already have enough new burger places popping up… yesterday, Lunch’er “Diamondjim” dropped this bomb in the comments re: the newish branch of 2 Bros. Pizza (on 46th btw. 5th+6th):

“Tucked-away signage spotted inside 2 Bros. today:

Burger Bros.
$1.50 burger
$1.75 cheeseburger
$2.75 double cheeseburger
$1.00 fries
$??? milkshake (didn’t remember the price)!!!”

$1 pizza is one thing, but burgers?  We touched based with the owner of 2 Bros. who confirmed the news…

“We are trying a new concept in our 46th St. store called Burger Bros. Pretty much the 2 Bros version of burgers. Burgers will cost $1.50, Cheeseburgers $1.75 and Double Cheeseburgers $2.75. Pretty basic
stuff. We are opening our official stand alone Burger Bros. in late August next door to 9th ave 2 Bros (at 540 9th Ave.) So we thought this would be a good opportunity to test the concept at 46th St.”

Wow. This burger thing is seriously getting out of control… not that we’re complaining or anything, obviously. The 46th Street location of 2 Bros. is not serving burgers yet, but the owner said it might start up as early as next week. Consider us extremely excited curious to see how many burger places Midtown can support.

Another 2 Bros Pizza Opening This Week


  • Will this start a wave of “Bro’s Burgering Bro’s”?

    Cheaper than Smirnoff Ice’s, but trying to chug a burger would be hazardous to one’s health.

  • Cool! Hope they’re better than at least Wendy’s!

  • anyone else a little afraid of these burgers?

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    Just had two burgers at the 46th St location. Pretty decent for a buck and half. Meat, toppings all pretty fresh. Cons: Too much bun – if you’re gonna serve small burgers, use smaller buns! Meat is completely buried. Toppings, while fresh are a mystery – not listed, so I asked. No pickles available. I asked for ‘the works’, which is lettuce, tomato, onion and ‘secret sauce’ (tasted like ketchup/mayo mix). Put up a list of what’s available! But it was tasty – well worth a 1.50. Fries could stand a little more time in the fryer – mine were a tad soggy and underdone. Kind of like mom’s bad frozen fries. Edible, but barely.
    I was there just after opening at 11, and burgers were being made to order. The place isn’t that big; heavy traffic must be a nightmare. If I want something fast, I’m sticking with the pizza.

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