Milant *ahem* I Mean, Melange Is Back to Making Midtown’s Best Sandwiches

Now, I have to admit, we don’t tend to go nuts over sandwiches here at ML. Schnitzel? Sure. Grilled cheese with chorizo and bacon? All over that freaking thing. FREE FOOD? OMG! Yes. But getting pumped up for cold cuts on a roll is another thing. So when our boss kept asking, “Has anyone tried Melange (on 39th btw. 3rd+Lex) AKA the new Milant yet?” I knew we were talking about the return of some serious sandwiches. Zach’s old standby – Milant’s #13 – is now Melange’s H5 comprised of breaded chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, pesto sauce and sundried tomato on French bread for 5.99. And on a good day (like when H5 is put up on the dry erase “Specials” board outside) it comes with free soup too! So is Melange offering Milant’s awesome food under its new name? Find out after the jump…

8-inch Chicken Cutlet Sandwich from Melange

I attacked the sandwich with a measuring tape. (I’m moving apartments and come prepared, what can I say?) We’re not talking about two slabs of bread stuffed with sheets of lettuce. We’re talking about 8-inches of well-seasoned, tender, breaded chicken cutlets on a fresh French baguette! The meat-to-carb ratio was also just right: two parts meat to one part bread. The sundried tomato gave kick to each bite and the pesto was a nice addition as well. You just know somebody put thought into the creation of this sandwich. It’s delicious. In fact, it even reminded me of the warm chicken cutlet sandwiches I used to get from the Brooklyn sandwich-bagel shop I grew up with, first mentioned in my review of Vic’s Bagel Bar.

Melange H5 chicken cutlet and mozzarella sandwich, NYC

It happened that I was lucky and stopped in when H5 was one of the daily specials yesterday. The free cup of chicken-and-wild-rice soup hit the spot. Not too watery (sorry the pic just shows some floating veggies. The rice and meat are taking up the bottom half).

Melange chicken and rice soup, NYC

The sandwich was perfect for a late lunch yesterday, but I’ll be back to try the rest of Melange’s new take on Milant’s old menu. The lunch plate offerings looked good too. For $4.99, you get three prepared items from the cooler and FREE SOUP. God, I love free food.

Melange lunch plate offerings

Melange, 158 E 39th Street (btw. 3rd+Lex), 212-682-1292

Milant Is Back As Melange Green & Gourmet
Milant is Back, Baby


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    I went in last Friday,& my sandwich wasn’t on the specials board (C1 if I recall correctly) but they still gave me free soup and same with the guy ahead of me who ordered the H5 (also not on the specials board) – and that soup was not only awesome because it was free, it was just really good soup. Sandwich was also good although the prosciutto wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. I also asked for a side of stuffed grape leaves and expected to get 2 or 3 in the tiny container, but got 6 – I think for $2. I was really excited about it.

  • I dunno… I switched over to Lamazou and they are pretty awesome. That Roquefort Egg Salad of theirs is addictive. I don’t think you can just call this joint “best” without at least a sandwich-off Amy

    I expect so much more from you skinny-asian-chick-blogger-overachievers

  • Free soup? Better than nothing. Heck, better than cheap soda.

    The sandwich looks good. Hope it tastes good too.

    And best sandwich does impose a lot and leaves plenty of room for criticsm. That means it could take on Midtown Banh Mi or any other person’s sandwich favorites. :P

  • I’m sorry, but when I read the name of this place all I want to do it throw on some blue contacts and ride a Shai-Hulud.


  • as lollie mentioned, they really are super friendly…and their prices are the lowest around in the area for the same/similar fare. also, everything is really fresh and flavorful.

    i got the H5 the other day, and it was pretty good. they don’t deep fry the chicken cutlets, rather, they grill ‘em on the flattop, so as to not make it greasy…and it works. the free accompanying soup isn’t all that though. i tried both the lentil and chicken noodle…same broth for both. also, they don’t skin the potatoes in the soup, which is kinda a turnoff for me.

  • I went there right before this article was posted. I had the pastrami, pretty good. And my boss had the H5 and substituted grilled chicken with the cutlet. Had the same soup and everything. Anyways, I went back today and got the H5 and got salad instead of soup. And they give you a huge heaping of pesto pasta salad. Very good so far! good enough I had to comment here. about to dig into the H5 now :-p YUMZ

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