Milant is Back, Baby

Milant Gourmet Deli
Milant Gourmet DeliThere was a time, not long ago, when Milant (on 39th btw. Lex+3rd) was considered the best sandwich place in Midtown.  Then the DOH hit, followed by a weird period where they were closed more than they were open. Since that time, I’ve only been back to Milant once- for a good lunch, which I enjoyed- but there is no question their reputation has been hurt.  On Friday I walked by Milant once again, to see what was cookin’, and found they had quietly entered the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge.  Sort of…

Clearly they didn’t completely understand the challenge. Instead of coming up with a completely new and crazy sandwich, they used the sign to promote the few sandwiches I had tried on past visits- including my favorite one, which was listed at the top. The #13: Chicken cutlet with fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, and pesto.  How could I resist?

Milant Gourmet Deli

Delicious as always.  It’s amazing how much great flavor can be packed into something so basic, when it is done correctly.  If only the chicken parm purveyors of Midtown could use this chicken cutlet, the world would be a much better place. Now if we could just get them to make a special sandwich for the ML Sandwich Challenge (maybe something involving that pate they keep in the fridge…)

I also noticed that the chocolates in the front window are still looking clean and fresh- but I still wouldn’t go anywhere near the “sale” stuff  on the sidewalk cart. As I left I was reminded of one reason I loved Milant so much to begin with:

Milant Gourmet Deli

No matter how many times you’ve been, you always notice something new.  Might have to go back for this one (anybody tried it before?)

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  • My favorite part is how the sign has a circle at the bottom left that says, “HOMED SOUPS $1.00″

  • I never understand this place. I ate there almost daily for a few months then just slowly get disgusted with it.

  • The sandwich looks good but dont think I can get past the old posts…. I’m actually no longer hungry.

  • Milant and it’s euro-squalor always reminds me of one thing….

    Jonathan Ames once wrote and essay about drunken cavorting in Europe, and, while intoxicated, buying a spoiled tuna sandwich from a greasy-looking street urchin. It is titled “I Shit My Pants In The South Of France.”

    Required reading I believe for all ML aficionados.

  • Zach, You would eat at Milant but cringe at the thought of a Walgreens sandwich? Your sensibilities are all screwed up.

  • This place was a madhouse today with only 5 customers. Thirteen was tasty, though.

  • I love Whole Wheet

  • When I have gotten the #13, I had them replace the sun-dried tomatoes with some soppresatta. There is nothing dried fruit can do that cured pork can’t do better.

  • @ Now I’m Hungry – WHOA! Did they charge you extra for that?

    If it’s the same price, you should suggest they add that to the menu and call it the “Midtown Lunch Special”!!! Sounds amazing…

  • They didn’t charge extra, but I did get there relatively late in the day and it was quiet. They had some good crunchy cheese sticks also, and he had me try one of those wrapped in the soppresatta (I think he was impressed that an Irish-looking guy would think to add it to a sandwich)

  • I went there yesterday and got a veggie and cheese sandwich. It was pretty darn good if albeit small. The place is a dump though. I predict a future DOH shutdown.

  • The fried flounder w/Am Cheese is tasty. Better with your own hot sauce added.

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    Hello everyone, Millant is comming back with a new look in January 2010.

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