DOH Closes Milant (aka the Best Sandwich Shop in Midtown)


Upsetting news from Midtown East… it appears as if the Department of Health paid a visit to Milant (on 39th btw. Lex+3rd) Friday afternoon, and shut them down. The “review” hasn’t been posted to the DOH website yet (their last one in March looks pretty stellar, aside from the fact that the DOH got their name wrong), but I talked to somebody at Milant who claimed it was a freezer temperature issue, which they immediately fixed on Friday afternoon. Now they’re just waiting for the inspector to return to give them the green light, which they hope will happen in time to open for lunch tomorrow (Wednesday).

I can’t help but wonder if this is related to the Food Trends DOH’ing that happened a month ago.  The post for that received a bunch of anti-Milant, pro-Food Trends comments that all came from the same IP address.  It certainly wouldn’t be unheard of for a competing deli full of internet shillers to call the Department of Health on a clearly superior next door neighbor.

But the real shocking news in this whole thing, comes after the jump…

Caitlin, one of the two lunch’ers who emailed me to let me know about the closing, had this to say:

It’s a sad, sad day when a jolly old man can’t hand out free cheese crunchies to pretty girls.

Wait a second. Are you saying that Milant gives free samples to pretty girls? That’s total BS. Short fat guys like free samples too you know…

Thanks to Caitlin & Andrew for sending along photos- and as always, if you have some news to share, please send it along to

UPDATE: Milant got the thumbs up from the DOH, and were allowed to re-open at the end of the day on Tuesday.  They will be fully open for lunch on Wednesday.


  • I’m short, fat,a jew and male. They’ve offered the crunches to me before.

  • DOH wankers.

    And yet they let the USDA,FDA roam free.

    And as for the cheese crunchies, i had them in hongkong in 1989 but a 2 week course of amacillin got rid of them.

  • I love Milant, but I had to stop eating there when the cat crawled out from under the refrigerated counter. And it wasn’t just because I hate cats.

  • NOOOOooooo!

  • It was open again this afternoon after the lunch rush.

  • Oy, weird how a place can get a stellar DOH rating one time and then get a really rancid one a few months later. Umm.. the neighborhood Kosher deli (well, actually, living in a really Jewish neighborhood – so Jewish I can’t #*(%&*($& get pork at any of the local markets, I just want some damn pork, is that so wrong?! sorry, I lost it there) got DOH’d a few weeks back and I was horrified. The place has been ther for ages and when I checked the DOH’s website, their inspection in December garnered a 2. This one got an 89! And the items are so weird… like stuff that would have been there in December too..
    Someone explain please?

  • Just went to the newly re-opened Milant: line out the door.
    I love seeing the community rally behind a great place like that.
    Though, I’ve never gotten offered any cheese crunchies.

    sidenote: I find the comment shilling for Cafe Trends hilarious. Do you think the gross misspellings are intentional?

  • wow, i thought *i* the only one he gave free cheese straws… the magic is gone.

  • I’m glad they’re open again.

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