Us Ladies Get Our Own “Mister Softee” Vendor (and His Name is “Billy Gunnz”)


All the guys seemed pretty excited to read about the Ladies of Queen Frostine last year.  Well, this one is for the ladies! Yesterday Miss Softee (aka Profiled Lunch’er “Chrissy”) and I hit midtown for some lunching action, and for “dessert” she took me to visit one of the newest ice cream vendors to hit twitter, her pal “Billy Gunnz”.  He’s a midtown Mister Softee vendor, and has started to get quite the rep for flashing those guns (and pecs).

A shirtless shot of Mr. Gunnz (you know… for us ladies) is after the jump.


Billy typically parks on 39th and Broadway during the day, and is a total sweetheart. Rumor has it he’s investigating doing some special toppings on his truck in the coming weeks. Sorry ladies, Billy already has a girlfriend, but you can follow him and his ice cream truck on twitter @mistersofteenyc.


As for Miss Softee, she is still working on renewing all of her vending paperwork and is still hoping to be back in her truck in June. We’ll keep you posted!


  • Now now, he looks very well groomed! I’m sure he’d give me my cone and call me sweetheart while he’s at it. Count me as a fan!

  • I heard he once got rear ended by the Big Gay Ice Cream truck…?

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    Please do not take the picture out of context it was stricktly a promo. I would like to assure my customers that these pictures were taken when my truck was closed and in the absence of serving. I would never serve without my top. My primary concerns are the customers satisfaction. I pride myself on being one of the cleanest trucks in Midtown.

    • Ignore the guys Billy, this is very typical of blog comments. When the bikini clad lady of miss frostine was pictured on ML you heard no complaints. They’re just jealous.

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      Pay no mind to the insecure guys. They’re probably either fat or scrawny. Somebody needs to post a pic of the guys at the Hyodonggak meetup. I would love to see what they look like.

      Thank you for brightening up my morning.

      • well judging from what most of the peopel eat on here on a regular basis id say everyone is pretty fat.

      • Yea we’re either fat, ugly or some are scrawny so I don’t know why you would even want a picture even if curious. If you want to see what the crew looks like, just come out to ML HH. It’s only fair that we know how hideous you are too.

        I’m not jealous or hating at all. It’s cool if the women and the select few dudes want to patron Billy.
        Just don’t roll your eyes at the men or judge us if we want to see women in bikinis serving ice cream or beautiful ladies like Miss Softie in a ice cream truck. It goes both ways! I haven’t been to fluterscooter or Miss Softie yet though.

        Did Samwich just call soupdumpling and everyone FAT? Cool!

      • I take offense to that Samwich. I challenge you to an eating contest.

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        Streetmeet, have I ever got on any MLer’s case for ogling women? Nope. I just despise the mean-spiritedness that can go on here. I will just bet that the haters are the ugly ones. The more comely ones are confident that they don’t need to berate anybody to feel good about themselves.

        Based on the idiotic commenting on this board and forum, I really have no interest in meeting a lot of you. Some people seem really cool here, but the creeps just scare me away from these events.

      • I can see why you’re being confrontational, but you’re generalizing more than Fox News. Also, anyone who allows themselves to be profiled is fair game to comments, or did you just get dial-up?

        Come on out next time. We’re a fun bunch.

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        Thanks, Cheeeeeeese. But I think I’ll pass.

        And it’s not just the profile of the week but an overall vibe I get from this site. Way too much trolling.

      • Fine OK, go back to ChowHound.

      • No, you haven’t gotten on any cases but then you made it sound like all dudes are insecure for commenting on this post. And you’re calling out ALL the guys going to the Hyo Dong Gak outing so just responding to your comment. I didn’t even make fun of Billy. I just didn’t want to see his picture as that’s my preference – the same for you not willing to meet any of us or disliking how people are mean-spirited. No negative notion or beration towards him from my side.

        Way too much trolling? Oh no she/it didn’t! I’m no troll. You can go back to the shadows and be a phantom reader of the site then if you don’t like the overall vibe. Then all you need is the useful info that gets blogged and none of our “idiotic” expressions.

        You don’t even know us in real life. You’re just judging us by comments. Like Cheese said, you should meet us to know who we really are. If you don’t want to meet us, then you certainly don’t need to know what anybody looks like or any knowledge about us. So good day to you sir.

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        While I would just looooooovvvvve to meet the more assholey members of this group (if anything, to confirm my suspicions), I’ve got three kids at home that are more important in my life. And my kids definitely take precedence to responding to you trolls.

        Oh, by the way, not all of you are haters or assholes. For example, I love all of the posts by Brownie and Blondie. But people remember the assholes more than the nice people.

      • Nice to know people will remember me although I think DouchCream was pretty funny not at all assholey.

      • I expected as much, a crotchety old person.

        This is a blog, with comments enabled, we aren’t all supposed to sound like infants with a tit e.g. “OMG that looks so good” or “I am totally going there for lunch” because those comments are as thin as water. If you can’t get any sort of enjoyment out of comments I suggest you cancel your internet connection and get stuffed.

      • Internet. Serious business.

      • Well, I don’t really want to meet you since you don’t seem cool so GREAT that we won’t have to deal with you. Let’s be real now. Hehe. Too judgmental in my book. You can be suspicious or skeptical about people here but then your notions are uncalled for too about all the guys (what’s that about? Not every guy was hating), basing them on your own assumptions and generalizing us. It really doesn’t make you a nice person either. That makes you a hater and an a-hole too. Hehe.

        Kids and family are def. more important.
        And what makes you think we are trolls?

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    Mmmm, mmmm, good.

    Aw Billy Gunnz, you’re very considerate. Yay for cleanliness along with good customer service.

  • lower left arm 1st pic…..he’s got a penis on his elbow.

  • So you’re the truck that taunts me at work daily, eh? While I can’t say Billy is my typical choice in guys, I agree that this could be a pleasant trend starting for the ladies. :)

  • i don’t see the penis elbow (you have some imagination) but i do see bloody knuckles. likely explanation: spastic fist pump while working the soft serve dispenser.

  • I would totally break the diet for some of “that” wink wink.

  • Billy Gunz makes the girls (ice)cream…

  • Isn’t that Giuseppe, the ‘slow’ older brother of the 3 douchlettes on Growing Up Gotti ?

  • I don’t like to judge a book by it’s cover. So I will give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I would just warn that he shouldn’t be surprised if somehow he ends up on the whole hot chicks with douchebags blog mistakenly.

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    Notice how it’s ALL men that hate on this hot “Mister Softee”…….Jealous is not necessary……All I know is that I’m young, hot and would take a big cone from this “Mister Softee” any day!!!!

  • …send him gay superman number

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    Come to the truck and mention “Midtown lunch” get any single cone for 2$ and any shake or sundae for 4$…PS i am wearing my shirt lol ;)

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    Your welcome AESNyc…i will have the same on going special tomorrow!

  • mr. softee..hehehe

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    Out today after having a few days off becuase of the cold weather, new topping of the day: Bitter Sweet Dark Chocolate…

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