Us Ladies Get Our Own “Mister Softee” Vendor (and His Name is “Billy Gunnz”)


All the guys seemed pretty excited to read about the Ladies of Queen Frostine last year.  Well, this one is for the ladies! Yesterday Miss Softee (aka Profiled Lunch’er “Chrissy”) and I hit midtown for some lunching action, and for “dessert” she took me to visit one of the newest ice cream vendors to hit twitter, her pal “Billy Gunnz”.  He’s a midtown Mister Softee vendor, and has started to get quite the rep for flashing those guns (and pecs).

A shirtless shot of Mr. Gunnz (you know… for us ladies) is after the jump.


Billy typically parks on 39th and Broadway during the day, and is a total sweetheart. Rumor has it he’s investigating doing some special toppings on his truck in the coming weeks. Sorry ladies, Billy already has a girlfriend, but you can follow him and his ice cream truck on twitter @mistersofteenyc.


As for Miss Softee, she is still working on renewing all of her vending paperwork and is still hoping to be back in her truck in June. We’ll keep you posted!


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