Meet Queen Frostine: The Ladies of Mister Softee


I think Mister Softee has gotten a bad rep on Midtown Lunch.  Sure some of them screw over their customers, get into fights, try to intimidate mobile bakeries, and yes, even sell cocaine.  But they’re not all bad!  Take the ladies of Queen Frostine, a new collective of female ice cream truck drivers who have taken it upon themselves to bring some of the fun back to soft serve. We mentioned Miss Softee last week, but at the time I didn’t realize that there are more of them. And they all park in Midtown!

Meet them all, after the jump…

Queens Frostine

Name: Andrea aka Fluterscooter
Twitter: fluterscooter
Location: Every day but Tuesday, you can find her at 35th & B’way Ave. At night, she usually moves to 49th & B’way. Follow her twitter to be sure.
The Queen of the Queen Frostine ladies, Andrea has been selling ice cream out of truck in NYC for over 5 years. If you’re lucky, you’ll find her in the truck wearing a bathing suit- or playing her flute. (She was a Juliard grad.) Earlier in the year, she began recruiting other girls to join her Queen Frostine crew.

Queens Frostine

Name: Chrissy aka Miss Softee
Twitter: miss_softee
Location: From 12:30 to 6:30 she parks on 40th Street and 5th Ave. She then moves to 47th & 6th at 7pm. Follow her twitter for the exact location.
When Chrissy was laid off from her Midtown advertising gig, she decided to return to her true love: selling ice cream. She joined the Queen Frostine crew in April, and has been loving life every since. Each day she offers up a “Special” cone, featuring some sort of unusual topping. Yesterday it was Cappuccino: vanilla soft serve, covered in espresso powder, topped with whipped cream. The special changes every day, and costs $1 more ($4). PLUS from 7-8:30 Miss Softee hosts an after work “Happy Hour” at her nighttime spot on 47th & 6th, where the special cones are $3, and there’s a discount on sundaes and shakes.

Queens Frostine

Name: Genevieve aka Punky
Twitter: Punky_n_Betsy
Location: Always changes… although on Monday she was parked on 38th and 6th. You can check her twitter, but it’s not always updated.
One look at this artist and it’s pretty obvious where she got her nickname. Apparently she also occasionally wears bathing suits- but she’s the hardest to track down. You can follow her twitter account, but if you want to find Punky you’re just going to have to get really lucky! She also has been known to do a special cone on certain days… but like her spot, it’s never guaranteed.

Andrea hopes to add some more ladies to her Queen Frostine gang, and then take the concept overseas (whatever that means.)   And the girls even have a song! (Vocals by Punky, produced by Fluterscooter.)

I don’t know about the song, or overseas expansion… but given the choice between buying ice cream from these three ladies or this guy… I think the choice is pretty obvious.

For more about Queen Frostine, check out their website or this post on Guest of a Guest.


  • There’s a softee joke somewhere here…

  • There are MANY softee jokes, but I’m not biting…LOL

  • My ice cream is melting….. *drool*

  • They’re OK I guess

    If you like girls

  • Woo hoo for the ice cream ladies!


    (part deux, tres, quattro?)

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  • I stopped by Miss_Softee last night…She made me a Cappuccino cone even though yesterdays special was Creamsicle Shakes. YUM

    I’m always up for friendly Mr./Ms./Mrs./Mz. Softee people as opposed to the usual rude guys who charge whatever they feel like at that particular moment and not until you’ve taken the first melty lick.

    I also think BigGayIceCream is (or perhaps was?) somehow associated with these lovely ladies

  • Where is the ice cream sourced? Is it the stuff in a box that Mr Softee sells?

  • Now if only there were hot female halal vendors in Midtown…and serving it in a bikini? I’d have to eat Street Meats at least 2-3 times a week.

  • Great feature!! I’ll be sure to keep a lookout for these ladies.

  • I think it’s awesome that you’re covering this – I had no idea there were even female ice cream vendors/truck drivers to begin with – but it’s great to see people who actually care about their customers too. Brava to these ladies :)

  • Can Grandma Nutt and Princess Lolly be far behind?

  • vdubjv — we work off real mister softee trucks with the real deal ice cream. specials are created by each driver at their whim.

    and, thanks for the love, hightemp! while I do have one special a day, ya’ll can always ask whatever else I’m packing if there’s a recent special you missed.

  • UPDATE!!!!
    My new official lunch spot is 55th and 6th 12-9 pm Mon-Fri! I kinda sound like a shady shadester from this article but I was in the middle of singelhandedly fixing my vanilla pump and serving a huge line while I was being interviewed! I love my customers more than chocolate dip if thats possible and my primary goal is to serve up sunshine, color and cream with a teensy dollop of whipped sass on the side!

  • I just ran into Punky in traffic on 55th and Lex, 55th and Park, 55th and Mad, 55th and 5th… Yeah traffic was that bad that I beat punky to 55th and 6th after walking back to work from the buffet at Kanaat Turkish Restaurant.

    Good luck today Punky! Be careful of the other 5 halal trucks on the block!

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