The Treats Truck Will Try Her Luck at 45th St. Today

Back in June we mentioned how long the line for the Treats Truck had become on Wednesdays- the one day a week it’s parked on 45th btw. 6+7th. The owner Kim herself has told me it’s her most popular spot, which may lead one to wonder- “Why don’t you park there more often?”  The people want it.  It would be good for business.  What’s stopping her?  Two words.  Mister.  Softee.  Last spring, when the weather started to warm up, and the Mister Softee truck returned to its regular spot on 45th & 6th, a “conversation” ensued.  Kim was told she couldn’t park on that block, but a “deal” was struck between the two vendors allowing the Treats Truck to park on 45th and 6th one day a week.

And that’s the way things were… until the Wafels and Dinges Truck arrived.  


The Wafels and Dinges Truck started off parking on 46th St., but more recently it’s been popping up on 45th & 6th… where the Treats Truck is parked on Wednesdays.  For some reason, the Mister Softee truck feels threatened by cookies and cone cakes, but not waffles.  Go figure.  Either way, seeing how the Wafels and Dinges truck has been able to park in the spot on other days, the Treats Truck has decided to try and reclaim their spot for a second day each week.  The Treats Truck and Wafels and Dinges truck will alternate parking in the spot on Fridays.  So this afternoon from 12:30 to 3:45 the Treats Truck will be parked on 45th & 6th.  Support Kim, and let’s hope the Mister Softee truck doesn’t give her any more trouble.

Either way, with Winter approaching the 45th St. Mister Softee truck should be disappearing soon anyway.  And then maybe we can convince Kim to park on that block 3 days a week!


  • Is it just me or has 45th and 6th got to be the best location in the city for the variety and quality of cart/mobile food choices. I may be biased though since I work on 6th between 44th and 45th. :)

  • Ok, if someone brings me a huarache, I will wait in the treats truck line and we can enjoy huaraches and treats!! And it’s Friday!!

  • no sandals, it’s almost october.

  • I’m a treats truck fan, so I may be biased, but in my opinion Waffles & Dinges is WACK. A dollop of waffle batter piped through a contraption by a crabby guy who looks like he’d rather be driving the truck around & topped with a schmear of nutella for $4… sorry, but I’ll take a delicious sandwich cookie that tastes homemade & is served with a cheery smile by the delightful Kim.

  • Is this the Mr Softee w/ the B&T douchebag that has designs in his hair? I will have to do a treats/Bulgogi lunch on today..

  • Great news for me, because I love both.. I’m always up for cookies and treats, but my love for nutella draws me to Wafels and Dinges – they put quite the generous serving on their waffles.

  • Wafels and Dinges fuckin rocks man, they’re wafels are great. I prefer that over Treats Truck.

  • Can’t we just give the extremely overpriced asshat trouble for their bullying tactics? Seriously I wanted a Shake 2-3 weeks ago went to a Softee, please keep in mind my childhood dream was to run my own Softee truck and then in the winter I would “Count my money” as I told people when you couldn’t sell Ice Cream, anyhoo. I asked the guy how much and he something ridiculous like “5.50….” and I chuckled and told him he could keep his shake. It’s even more expensive than a Big Green Machine drink. Screw that a Waffle is probably more enjoyable and cheaper, although I could get a Mexican Chocolate Brownie and 1 or 2 pbj sammies for the same price as the shake. mmmmmm….. Brownies.

  • Hey Dave, I gotta agree with your comment that the W&D’s guy seems to always be miserable and grouchy as all hell, maybe someone should give him a cookie of Kim’s. :)

  • You know Rudy isn’t going to approve of all this sweet talk.

  • a ‘conversation’ ensued? What’s up with the Mister Softee Truck? If they don’t like the competition, maybe they should move… people should get what they want!

  • I agree that the ice cream truck (not a Mr. Softee truck btw) and the treats truck deserve to co-exist, but I have to say that I like this particular ice cream truck – he gives huge portions of ice cream – don’t know if he’s raised his prices in the past two months, but when I was there early in the summer a “small” was only $2 and it was enormous.

  • I told my friend about the Waffle Truck, and we went there to get a WMD and shared it. It was soooo good, we practically inhaled it. That was the fastest $7.00 that we saw disappear. I’m glad I don’t work within a block of that truck or else I need to get a gym pass.

  • Yes — that truck is NOT a real Mr. Softee truck. It is a unique ice cream truck, though, because he serves frozen yogurt (which it pretty good) in addition to the ice cream. The guy who works in that truck is a very nice guy, working hard to make a buck, but I do not approve of his tactics to shut out the competition. He doesn’t own the block!

    As for the W&D truck, I agree that the guy is always very surly and unfriendly. I like the wafels better than the treat truck usually (except for the cone cakes!) but Kim’s smile and cheery disposition always brightens my day.

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