New 38th St. Bon Chon Getting Closer

Felt some major pangs of jealousy this morning reading about the new Downtown location of Bon Chon chicken on John St. As for our Bon Chon (comng soon to 38th btw. 7+8th), somebody in the new Downtown location told me it might be open at the end of this week, if not next week. As for the new branch of Kyochon coming to 5th btw. 32+33rd, the plywood might be down but they don’t plan to open until next month. In the meantime, there is still Mad For Chicken (the spot on 5th Ave. btw. 31+32nd that used to serve Bon Chon) but it’s not exactly fast food.

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Mad For Chicken is So Not a Midtown Lunch… But Damn That is Some Good Chicken

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    Just walked into Bon Chon at 38th and 7th. They say they’ll be open in an hour (maybe 30 min at this point). Though I didn’t get to order, they did give me a nicely boxed sample!

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