Wafels & Dinges Completely “Fooled” by Throwdown


I love how Bobby Flay continues to champion the New York City street cart scene.  Since his original, widely publicized Throwdown with the Dessert Truck, he’s gotten Throwdown help from the Jamaican Dutchy and Kwik Meal, plus visited the Biriyani Cart, the Dutchy, and Wafels and Dinges for a pre-Vendy award spot on CBS.  The latest visit comes courtesy of Serious Eats, who reported yesterday that Flay returned to the Wafels and Dinges Truck yesterday for a full fledged Throwdown!  Owner Thomas confirmed the news on Twitter, and posted photos to Facebook.   It also appears that the producers have gotten far better at lying to the contestants.  Dessert Truck figured things out immediately, but Thomas said he was completely “fooled into believing that it was a pilot about food trucks.”

Dessert Truck Bests Flay; Throwdown Blamed on the “Internet”
Kwik Meal Helps Bobby Flay Beat Taim in Falafel Throwdown
Jamaican Dutchy to Help Bobby Flay Throwdown


  • wow i would’ve been fooled too because they did say at the end of their last episode that the series was over.

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    to be honest i wouldnt know what to think with this… i mean for one, bobby flay now considers you to be the best at a particular kind of food that you prepare… on the other hand he is now basically saying that all those years it took you to perfect your food, he can outdo you after practicing for like a week

    is a throwdown a compliment or an insult? lol

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    Compliment… because Bobby always loses. Of course, that makes it a bit shameful when Bobby does manage to win. But even when the contestant loses in disgrace, the sound of the cash register opening and closing undoubtedly softens the blow.

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    I’ve seen this show and agree it crosses a line that makes it uncomfortable to watch. To be set up by the Food Network and ambushed by Bobby Flay just lacks common decency. I recall one of Flay’s ambushes on a guy who supposedly made the best donuts in NYC kind of backfired. The guy was having a big, fun event to sort of celebrate finally “making it” after years of struggling, then this giant buzz kill walks in the door to challenge him to make a better donut than Bobby Flay. The donut guy was all “WTF?!”. It was like watching a slow motion car wreck.

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