Bobby Flay Goes on Vendy Crawl for CBS


Got a number of tips this morning from lunchers who spotted Bobby Flay visiting Vendy Award nominated carts today.  He started at the Jamaican Dutchy cart this morning around 10am, then moved on to the Biryani Cart, before finishing up at the Wafels and Dinges Cart around Noon.  He was filming a segment about the Vendy Awards for next Friday’s edition of The Early Show on CBS.

Meru (from the Biryani Cart) told me after he didn’t hold back on the spice because he knew Bobby could take it.  Photos of kati rolls being consumed, and fans going crazy… after the jump.



Jamaican Dutchy to Help Bobby Flay Throwdown
Dessert Truck Bests Flay; Throwdown Blamed on the “Internet”


  • I despise Bobby Flay, but i’m glad to see he’s going to bat for the good guys.

  • Too bad he didn’t replace Mario as a guest judge. I think he would’ve been a suitable replacement.

    He should put up a kati roll or a biryani challenge…and lose!

  • Who is Bobby Flay, and why is he crawling on vendies? And what are vendies?

    What are ‘kati rolls’, and who the hell is ‘Jeter 2′?

    Inquiring minds in the Arkansas trailer parks want to know.

  • I second chris6sigma’s thoughts. With an extra dose of hatred for Bobby Flay.

  • Why all the haters? Bobby’s the effin man! Go to Bar Americain and get the lamb chops, he’ll make you a fan too. On the Food Network, he can be annoying but who cares..first and foremost he’s a chef. As for his vendy crawl, he’s doing an awesome thing here that his celebrity will bring more recognition to an industry that deserves it.

  • He’s first and foremost, overrated. Being a chef comes second.

  • @YellowDevil:

    When you posted “Why all the haters? Bobby’s the effin man!”, you confused me just a bit.

    I mean, what’s an ‘effin man’? And why do you think he’s a ‘chef’?

    I mean, my BARBER has more education, more licensing requirements, and more talent than your dishwasher-turned-cook-turned-’chef’ will EVER have.

    Flay is a charlatan with a cute face with an arrogant attitude, and with the ability to impress some horny female at Food Network.

    That’s all he is — all he ever was — and all he ever will be.

    Let me clue you, ‘YellowDevil’ — I can purchase a weird looking white coat on the internet, then cook up a bowl of soup, and THEN call myself a frickin’ CHEF.

    You may believe I am a CHEF, Flay may believe he is a CHEF, but DocChuck thinks he is a frickin’ jerk.

  • …and it’s true….DocChuck has a wide variety of costumes at his home and pretends to be all sorts of people. Here, he pretends to be wealthy, educated, important, and loved – when in fact he is none of these things.

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