Jamaican Dutchy to Help Bobby Flay Throwdown

Bobby Flay showed up at the Jamaican Dutchy (on 51st and 7th) this morning with cameras in tow. Apparently he has an escoviche throwdown planned for next Friday, and enlisted O’Neil at the Dutchy to give him some pointers. This isn’t he first time Bobby Flay has gone to a Midtown Lunch cart for help. Apparently he got assistance from the Kwik Meal cart for his falafel battle against Taim (although I haven’t been able to track down video of it!)

Bobby Flay Throws Down With the Dessert Truck
Gold Medalist Usain Bolt Visits the Jamaican Dutchy Cart!


  • Bobby Flay is a total d-bag. No one should help him ever. Throwdown is the most conceited idea for a show in history. “Hey, you think you’re good at something you worked your whole life to perfect. I’ll do it for a week and be better at it than you.” I hope he chokes to death.

    Happy Friday.

  • I actually saw that falafel throw down and can confirm that he did go to the Kwik Meal Cart of some guidance on making the falafels.

  • i think its funny when he wins and you see the look of hate in the other persons eyes…

  • Two sides to every story, but Bobby D-Bag refused to take a picture with my kids in his restaurant.

    @dougiec – choking is too nice. Electrocution so he convulses and shits himself is better. I’d pay for that video.

  • Anybody who hates Bobby Flay – go check out FoodNetworkHumor.com for a hundred laughs!

  • I saw the falafel showdown also. Not sure why they went to Kwik for that though.

  • Actually my favorite thing about Throwdown is that its main appeal is watching Bobby Flay lose over and over again!

  • win or lose, it definitely drums up business for whoever he’s competing against – I can see why people do it… it’s not like Bobby trashes them or anything like that

  • and it also helps legitimize cart food when a renowned chef actually goes to them for help.

  • @Sarah and @will, I agree love to watch him lose and I like the fact that these business get their well-deserved moment in the spotlight

    @Mamacita, bar review por favor!

  • Throwndown does tons to create a buzz and help what ever establishment he’s up against. I used to not like his cocky attitude but bumped into him in the City and he was pretty cool.

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