Gold Medalist Usain Bolt Visits the Jamaican Dutchy Cart!

Usain Bolt Visits the DutchyMiracles can happen people!  That which I said should come to pass, has come to pass.  I’m not claiming to be God, I’m just saying maybe God reads Midtown Lunch. Last Thursday, during his whirlwind tour of New York City, Jamaican Olympic gold medalist sprinter Usain Bolt visited the Jamaican Dutchy Cart on 51st and 7th Ave.  He hung out for about 15 minutes, taking pictures and chatting with Dutchy employees and customers. It’s not entirely clear if my post last week had anything to do with the visit, but I don’t care either way- I’m just glad he went! Seeing the photo of such a famous athlete hanging out in front of one of our favorite Midtown Lunches just makes me smile. Of course my smile is nothing compared to the smile O’Neil, the owner of the Dutchy, has had on his face since Thursday. It’s hard to for us to understand how exciting this was for him… it would be like me getting to meet the fattest guy in the world.

If you want to see the signed photo yourself, I’m pretty sure it will be hanging permanently on the front of the cart.


  • That is so bloody cool.Outstanding athlete and modest with it.

    Crap watch.

  • I bow down before Your Holiness!

    Can you turn some water into wine for me?

  • You called it! Amazing.

  • It’s the small happinesses that make life worth living….I bet this made O’Neil’s year! Good for him! Hard workers like that deserve to be visited by their celeb idols…! I am just waiting for Clinton Portis, or any Redskin to show up at my job. BOO GIANTS! BOO!!!!!!

  • That is really awesome.

  • Im waiting for Liv Tyler to be waiting im my office when i return from lunch….wearing just a grin and waving a small effigy of Mario Batali.

  • I’m waiting for Liv Tyler to be relevant again.

  • WOW. I love how he put his times down along with his autograph! He’s awesome.

  • That’s wicked. I have never heard of Escovitch chicken. May have to give that a butchers..

  • anus,(so apt, but im a way ony tht clever rich people understand).And Mario is a dip shit wanker(google it,dolllll)

  • Pass de dutchie pon de left hand side.

  • JD gives me the runs too

  • Thanks for sharing Bossman

  • What angers me is that people assume I am naive enough to believe that a world class athlete actually eats the detritus served from a New York City food truck?

  • Doc…. have YOU ever eaten @ the Dutch?
    If not then simmer down because it’s some quality authentic Jamaican food, hell I’d even go as far as to say the Dutch is cleaner than MOST if not ALL oil drum street vendors scattered around Kush Island as I like to call it. :)

  • My dearest dyno3K:

    I would sooner have a sex change operation than eat food served from a filthy, pathogen-laden food truck.

    I don’t even eat in restaurants unless I have to.

    Perhaps if you peeped at my MY Space page you’d get a better idea of the man I am.

    I have several PhD’s, if that kind of thing impresses you.

  • I’d like to extend my apologies to all you nice Midtown lunchers. Shortly after reading this piece, DocChuck went on an expletive-filled tirade about how “educators” like him are the real role models, and that people should be asking to pose with him and get his signature like the god-among-men that he is. He got so worked up that he broke his catheter bag in the kitchen – what mess that is! I’m afraid he has a jealous streak a mile wide, not unlike my own prodigous posterior.

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