Dessert Truck To Throwdown With Bobby Flay?

The Dessert Truck will not be at its normal spot in Midtown (52nd and Park Ave.) today, Monday or Tuesday.  Today, there’s filming in the area- but on Monday and Tuesday they’ll be filming a “demo” for the food network.  From their newsletter:

“Monday – we will be closed for day service at 52nd/Park but will be open at St Marks Place from 12-1:30 to shoot for Food Network. No changes to night hours. If you’re in the area, do stop by. For the Food Network demo on Tuesday, all are invited to attend. Here’s the blurb they asked us to post:


Food Network is filming a new one hour special called “Food
Roadies” exploring the hot new trend of mobile food trucks in
America. One of the food trucks we’re profiling is DessertTruck,
located in Manhattan. If you’ve been there then you know that they
make an amazing chocolate bread pudding!

One of the things owners Jerome and Chris are interested in doing
is creating a dialogue with customers about their ingredients and
process. So part of Food Network’s segment will include them doing a
demonstration for customers on how to make their chocolate bread

We will be filming the afternoon of Tuesday, October 14th at
Union Square Park and are looking for audience members. We are
looking for people who love bread pudding and are available to stay
for the entire filming (about 4 hours). If interested, please RSVP to
Jeanne Bernard at Order Up Productions ( to get the
specific time and other details.

It’s kind of lame that the Food Network is doing this on St. Marks!  The normal Dessert Truck spot at 12:30 is in Midtown.  You should be keeping it real Food Network.  What, Midtown not good enough for you?!?! I do like free bread pudding though… maybe it’s worth the trip downtown during lunchtime on Tuesday.


  • Bread Pudding THROWDOWN ZOMG!

  • anybody know what’s being filmed at 52nd and park today?

  • Would it be too much to ask for the Dessert Truck to do a high speed “run down” of Flay?

  • Hey Bossman I’m all for taking out gingers one at a time! However the that’s not something I’d expect from the Desert Guy… W&D’s guy? totally would mow over Flay, especially if he parked in his spot.

  • I love that show. Bobby Flay always loses. We all know he’s going to pull some wack “bobby flay” version of the item made with pablanos and blue corn meal (dude puts that shit in EVERYTHING) and confuse the judges then promptly lose.

  • 52nd and park filming is – I think – Law and Order.

    This morning at about 7:30am, I caught the entire cast of Celebrity Apprentice at Cafe St. Barts right in the same area. The Don, Ivanka, George, and all of the D-list celebrities were doing a shot.

  • No cupcakes though….

  • It’s a THROWDOWN! We have a THROWDOWN!!! is my guess.

  • dude they were at union square instead of midtown.

  • “What, Midtown not good enough for you?!?!”

    LOL! Too funny.

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