Kwik Pasta Debuts Today; Schnitzel and Sweets Tag Team 52nd Street

italianA couple of exciting tidbits from the world of Midtown street vending this morning.  First up, I just got word that Kwik Meal’s Muhammed Rahman will open his new pasta cart today.  It will be parked next to the OG Kwik Meal cart on 45th and 6th and will have three options: Angel hair w/ chicken, shrimp, or vegetables in red sauce.  Can’t wait to hear from the early adopters about this one.  Feel free to send photos to  Also going down today… Schnitzel & Things and the Street Sweets truck are parking together today on 52nd btw. 6+7th. Schnitzel burger, followed by fresh oven baked chocolate chip cookies?  Sounds like a plan… (although, as always, you may want to check the ML Twitter Tracker for confirmation before heading out.)

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  • See now that makes perfect sense, a lunch truck and a dessert truck parked next to each other. Never understood why certain food carts get so defensive when a dessert cart parks next to them.

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    Angel Hair Pasta w/ three options of chicken, shrimp, or veggies in red sauce? That sounds like something I can make myself at home for less then $5. SO unless that sauce is amazing… I dunno… and I hope they aren’t using anything BUT white meat for that chicken!

  • Not so sure about the red sauce. Can I get mine with hot sauce and white sauce?

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    Just went, Rahman was there in the pasta cart creating the orders and asking customers to sample before they left so he could get their feedback. Got the chicken w/ vegetables — fairly delicious, no visible sauce but definitely a bit of a kick. I would probably get it again, but if they had other options besides angel hair it would be better.

  • Pasta with no sauce??

  • FileEdit I went today as well, there was a sauce, not sure what you ordered, it just wasn’t globbed on. I’d also be surprised if he expands beyond Angel Hair, it’s so much quicker to cook than any of your thicker pastas like spaghetti, linguine, fetuccinne or any noodle.

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  • I prefer spaghetti and linguine over angel hair. Oh well. Way to expand, Kwik.

  • W/veggies was $6, w/Shrimp was $8.50, I forget how much chicken was

  • Eating it now, food porn pics to follow when I get home tonight.

  • I still refuse to buy basic food that I can cook at home, at least as well and for far less $$. I can’t make a schnitzelburger (well I haven’t tried yet, but there is a deep fryer here), but $6+ for a plate of pasta? Nah. I’d put my spicy sausage pasta against KM’s offerings any day.

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