Schnitzel Burger is Everything That is Fun About Food


I finally got to try the Schnitzel Burger from the Schnitzel & Things Truck today.  It required me getting there at 11:40am (the line was already 11 people long, 30+ by the time a left at 12:05), but was completely worth it.  And after taking one bite… the music started loud and clear in my head:

At last… my love has come along
My lonely days are over, And life is like a song
Oh, yeah, at last, The skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clovers
The night I looked at you
I found a dream that I could speak to
A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to rest my cheek to
A thrill that I have never known
Oh, yeah when you smile, you smile
Oh, and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
For you are mine…. At last.

But what did I really think?

Almost everything I have read about the Schnitzel Burger has been positive… (save for this guy).  And it really just comes down to one thing.  How much fun do you want to have when you eat?  There are certainly things to you could complain about, especially if you are a burger curmudgeon aficionado.


For one thing, the burger is dipped in batter and deep fried- which is clearly not an ideal way to cook a burger evenly. I ordered mine medium rare, and while the first half of my burger was pretty medium, there were parts of the second half that seemed downright rare.  I guess that would be fine if “medium-rare” literally meant half of the burger is cooked medium, and half was cooked rare.

Secondly, the reports of this burger being incredibly juicy are 100% true…  if juicy was a synonym for greasy.  Shocker right?  Who would have ever guessed that a burger that is breaded and deep fried would be greasy?  In fairness though, the burger is juicy too.  Even though it looks overcooked, it was not dry at all, with the burger juices getting locked into the thing (even though they are definitely sharing equal space with the oil the thing is fried in.)

That is what I would say if  I wasn’t me.  If I were a burger purist, or a food snob, or a guy who feels the need to critique even the foods that are clearly meant to be more about fun than haute cuisine.  But I’m not that guy.  I’m a fat guy who just likes to eat, and I loved every single bite of this monstrosity.  Sure, there are those who like to criticize the trend of gross out foods, but the Schnitzel Burger distinguishes itself from those frankenfoods in one incredibly important way: it’s freakin’ delicious.  It’s a great tasting hamburger.  It tasted really really good.  And not in a “general tso’s chicken/steak and cheese” way.  In a “this is a good burger” way.   The bread to meat ratio is perfect, their sauces are all delicious (I went with the ginger, scallion and garlic) and even though ciabatta is not an ideal burger roll, in this case it’s essential to keeping this greasy/juicy mess together.

Just one warning… you don’t want to let this thing sit.  There is no question that if you eat more than one of these things a month you will die.  And not at the ripe old age of 75.  I mean if you eat 12 or more of these burgers in a one year period you… will… die.  Your heart will stop working, before it even has time to warn you that what you are doing is wrong.  And letting the burger sit in the bag while you walk back to the office will just quicken that process.  You need to eat it immediately.  Will juice run down your face?  Yes.  Will a greasy film cover your hands for the rest of the day?  Yes.  Will people walk by on the street and point at you in disgust?  No.  More than likely they will attempt to avert their eyes instead. But better to have grease on your hands, and face (and shirt sleeves in my case) than in your arteries.  Because that is where it will all end up if you let this thing “rest” for any significant period of time.  It’s like the opposite of a fine wine.  Time doesn’t make it better… just more deadly.

Is it worth trying once?  If you’re not allergic to grease, than absolutely yes.  It most certainly is.  It’s even worth waiting in line for, and it’s worth the $7 price tag. Is it worth dying for?  Well, that depends on you.

Schnitzel and Things Truck parks in Midtown on Mondays and Tuesday, but check their Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker to be sure.

Your First Look at the Schnitzel Burger (Which Sold Out By 12:30pm)
Schnitzel & Things Truck is Veal-Tastic!


  • I don’t get what the other adam (akuban) disliked about this. We should solicit his review.

    I do agree with the once-a-month sentiment though. I had the cod on monday (a bit on the small side, but it was still totally worth the money).

  • samwich, use the twitter tracker, or follow them on twitter, or check their website.

  • cosi- i can trek to broad and water for this… just to say I tried the “murder” burger

  • @adamprato: “I don’t get what the other adam (akuban) disliked about this.”

    Well, then, you obviously do NOT know ‘akuban’ and his boss very well.

    Sharpen your pencil, prato.

  • thanks adam…i dont have twitter but i guess ill check their web.

  • @Samwich -use the twitter update link on top right hand side of this website

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    Zach, I hope that your wife is happy for you that you’ve found your true love.

  • @Samwich, if you get a twitter account you can send tweets to schnitzel truck. I do, and I also check on some other carts that way. see
    and their site

  • @monique be sure to check their twitter before you come to water and broad. They’ve been known to be near Wall Street on Wednesdays – though I’ve never caught them there. They have also been in Tribeca on Wednesdays, on Greenwich near Warren. I’ve made the trip out there before. Totally worth it but get there early!

  • @ wellerfan….its blocked at work…FML

  • samwich, twitter is blocked from work, or midtownlunch is?

    The twitter-tracker is on midtownlunch:

    Unless they block anything with the word “twitter”… Which would be odd.

  • I suspect that Zach Brooks’ blog will meet the FTC’s scrutiny, come December 1st.

    But, I am convinced that some other serious foodie websites may NOT be able to do so.

    Yes, we can continue to read, in good conscience, MTL.

    But the Feds (the Federal Trade Commission) may take a dim view on some of Easy Ed’s 10-course meals for himself and his cadre of staff ladies from his ‘World Headquarters’ during their ‘Reviews’ of places such as “Dallas BBQ.”

    I’m just sayin’ …

  • DocChuck: More like, you’re just spewin’

    Here’s to hoping that laws against cyber harrassment will be tightened, and we will never again thereafter have to deal with the likes of you

  • i can’t imagine ginger scallion garlic being good on beef. i’m hardwired to only enjoy it on poultry and certain game meats

  • Ginger, Scallion, Garlic also goes well with seafood like shrimp and lobster. Maybe there is soemthing to their burger…heart attack on a bun. I’m interested in trying it but not the 30+ persons deep line. Oh well.

    In my fatter days, I use to let philly cheese steaks sit for half the day, then eat it late at night. And that was when I could drop 2-3 footlongs. HAHA. Could this be any worse? Too bad I cna’t eat like that anymore. Have to workout and minimize the crap factor.

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    Im kicking my butt for getting off that line on Monday (running in heels and standing for 35 minutes is no good)…kicked it again for missing the truck by 15 minutes tuesday (running away from work across town in flats is no good)…Must buy sneakers and try try again….I need love too!

  • thank Adam..for some reason when i clicked the twitter updates link on teh top right it was blocked.

  • niiiiiiice!

    i like how there’s some vegetables on the burger, as if it’ll make it somewhat healthy… mm… need to get one of these

  • User has not uploaded an avatar

    I had the burger for the first time yesterday, and I thought it was pretty great. I didn’t add anything to it, so I’m not sure if the pesto mayo was also included (I saw it on the side) but just having it as is with cheese was excellent. And I asked for medium and got it more medium-rare….so obviously they’re having issues with the cooking times still yet.

  • Just had it again for the second time, and I might have to say that it’s even better than the first time! The tasty crunchy schnitzel breading around the burger was great, but the surprise INSIDE was awesome. Instead of melted cheese on top of the burger, it had been stuffed with some type of blue cheese. Delicious. Although, similar to other posters, the burger was properly cooked medium rare on one half but very rare on the other, and while I love a rare steak, rare ground beef scares me a little. And the spicy sriracha mayo was a good condiment, not quite spicy enough for me though.

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