Your First Look at the Schnitzel Burger (Which Sold Out By 12:30pm)

Schnitzel Burger
Photo Courtesy of “Masto” on Flickr

Thanks to Lunch’er “Masto” for sending along this photo of the new Schnitzel Burger introduced today by the Schnitzel & Things Truck

I work on 48th, but a bunch of us couldn’t resist and headed down to get the schnitz burger. Just in time, apparently.. shortly after we ordered, there was a huge line. Then the guy came out from the truck and took the burger sign down (around 12:30). That was fast.

He declared it awesome, and sent along another photo of the innards. Check it out after the jump…


This is clearly puts the La Cense Burger Truck to shame… they’re Downtown tomorrow, and in Dumbo on Friday, so if you want the burger before Monday you’re going to have to travel.


  • Add it to “This is Why You Are Fat” website.

  • They better have this on Monday.


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    Looks kind of dry, is that burger meat on the inside?

  • yea, explain this…is it schnitzel and beef?

  • what a monster! it looks like breaded beef deep fried the schnitzel way. genius.

  • Wow. If that had mustard on the bottom it would be perfect.

  • or some kind of garlic aioli…oh man

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    It doesn’t look particularly hefty. The regular schnitzel sandwich is huge and $7, this needs to live up. If I am going to clog my arteries, can’t be doing it half-assed, you know?

  • Unless those are monstrous fingers (like, Andre the Giants, RIP), the burger looks almost slider-sized. The perspective or something is off. It says 1/2 pound, but it looks like the burger is being held between thumb and fingertips. ?????

  • I couldn’t stop eating to review it properly, and now that I’ve finished it I’m pretty much in a food coma. But the basic facts.. a huge meat patty, breaded and fried, on a ciabatta bun. Topped with lettuce, cheese, and the recommended ginger-scallion-garlic relish.

    The meat.. I’m a fan of thin shake-shack style burgers, so I may not be the best judge of this one. I’ve probably never had a half-pound burger before. This sucker is huge. That was the first bite, so you can’t really tell, it was a bit pink in the center. I think they said they go for medium-rare, I’d call it more of a medium. It was quite “juicy”, though that may be more deep-fry grease than the burger itself. In any case, I didn’t find it to be dry at all. And I’m not bothered by the grease (you’d be a fool to order this if you have a fat aversion).

    I fear ciabatta, but in this case it seemed to be a perfect match. A traditional hamburger roll would have melted away. This bread soaked up the flavor and remained soft yet supportive.

    I couldn’t really taste the cheese. Probably due to the abundance of other assertive flavors going on. I’m not a guy to ever eat a burger without cheese, so I’m not saying they should drop it.. at the same time, switching to something more powerful, say gorgonzola, might just cause a flavor supernova that destroys the universe. So the cheese selection works, if nothing else, as a barrier to protect the lettuce.

    Speaking of toppings, I went with the ginger, scallion, and garlic relish they suggested. I thought it was great.. one coworker would have preferred less ginger. It was strong stuff, to go on a strong burger.

    All in all, I really enjoyed it and I think it’s well calibrated to be a midtown lunch crowd pleaser. Of course, that brings up the biggest minus.. crowds are a problem for a truck that fries food to order. We must have lucked out and gotten there just at the right time. There was only one other customer ahead, we ordered our burgers, waited about 15 minutes for them, and by the time we got them the burger sign was down and the line was 20 people deep. I have no problem with that since I’m a fat guy and for me Schnitzel & Things has consistently been worth the wait. I look forward to seeing what the schnitz lab comes up with next.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, my left arm’s gone numb…

  • Switch from american, no. Have Gorgonzola as an option? yes.

  • In response to the size question, it ends up being a bit more ball-shaped than flat, so it’s deceptive. I don’t doubt that some of you guys have bigger stomachs than me, but I think the calorie count in this thing should be enough to satisfy anyone.

  • Sorry for leaving so many comments, this is the last one. I wasn’t going to post this video because it makes me look like a slob but I think it might give a better indication of the size of the burger.

  • Masto, you’re doing us, and schnitzel truck, a valuable service. No need to apologize :)

  • I see a unix shell :) mailer.conf? are you a unix admin?

  • looks tasty!

    uh oh, nerd talk is starting. ::leaves thread::

  • How much is the burger?
    If it’s cheaper than Le Cense, then definitely a new winner here.

    Ginger, scallions, and garlic relish? Only if it works onthe burger. I’d defintiely prefer less ginger if it wasn’t finely-diced up and/or sauteed in oil with the scallions and garlic relish.

    There needs to be more cheese on it though. I have to agree with Adam – that congealed American slice ain’t working for me either. I’m not a big gongozola fan though as it would overpower. Recently had a Roquefort cheeseburger and that sucker was strong. A swiss-n-mushrooms or even mozarella would do it better and wouldn’t overpower – didn’t mean to parmigiana it but that’s just preference.

  • i love watching you eat…

  • Aww Mastro, you’re a cutie. No need to apologize, nothing better than seeing a good eater enjoy his meat.

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    That burger looks huge when you hold it up to take a bite. Throwing that thing down without falling into a coma in the afternoon is an accomplishment.

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