More $1 Pizza Coming to Midtown


99 Cent Fresh Pizza seems to be taking it from all sides these days.  First, 2 Bros Pizza opens one block away from their “flagship” location behind Port Authority, and now this.  It seems as if another 99 Cent Pizza place is opening on Lexington btw. 45+46th. (just two blocks away from the 99 Cent Fresh Pizza on 43rd.)  But here’s the kicker, apparently the owner of the new spot is a disgruntled former employee of 99CFP.  And to add insult to injury, he’s never opened a pizza place before- so after securing the lease, when back to the owners of 99CFP for help.  (Are you following all this?)  Part of me thinks that we can always use more $1 pizza in Midtown, but tell that to the now shuttered Prince Deli (which very well could have been put out of business by the arrival of 99 Cent Fresh Pizza on43rd.)  At least 2 Bros Pizza had something to offer (aka better pizza) when they opened one block away from the Port Authority 99CFP.  If this new location turns out to be a bad 99CFP ripoff- it might just end up going the way of the Prince.


  • mmmm… more crappy pizza in midtown.

  • “it’ll give you the sheets”

  • Hard to beat 2 Bros. They got their dollar slice and chicken piece going on. 99 Cents is just too poor in quality now that the competition has beefed up but what can you expect for cheapness. Luckily there’s 2 Bros.

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    i have definitely had better pizza than 2 bros but not for that price and definitely never thought in midtown for that price

    gotta love my morris park pizzerias (plural) in the bronx that ARENT COALS… that was worst pizza i ever had

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