Slice Reports: 99 Cent Fresh vs. 2 Bros. Pizza

I requested it yesterday, and Adam Kuban has answered the challenge… ladies and gentleman, the cheap slice showdown between 99 Cent Fresh Pizza and its new neighbor 2 Bros. It’s as amazing as I imagined it would be when I issued the challenge. The winner as declared by SLICE: 2 Bros. (Didn’t I say the same thing? Maybe I do know something about pizza!) He also clears up the whole “do you have to pay tax” issue, but I think his findings only apply to the 9th Ave. location, not the one near Grand Central.  [Slice]


  • I love the East Village 2 Bro’s pizza, I cannot resist getting two slices everytime I pass by there. It tastes better if you make a pizza-sandwich-calzone thing by combining the two slices cheese side inside, yeaahhh, that’s it.

  • 2 Bros is WAAAAY better than $1.07…ugh I mean .99 cent place.

    I usually feel jipped at the .99 cent place…they always give me a smaller slice.

  • its .99c pizza….get a fucking Grip

    Jesus Wept.

  • I had 2 Bros on 40th and the original 99c for dinner on Friday. There’s no comparison. 2 Bros is better. I even ate the 99c first in case I thought I’d let my hunger choose it for me. Nope, 2 Bros will be my new cheapass go-to pizza joint until a better dollar slice comes along…def. worth the $1.

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