Schnitzel & Things Refuses to Serve Bad Wiener Schnitzel

Schnitzel & Things Truck

According to a comment posted yesterday by Lunch’er “Multisync”, the Schnitzel & Things Truck didn’t have the wiener schnitzel they had promised on Twitter yesterday- but there’s a pretty good explanation for it. I got this message yesterday from the truck’s owner Oleg:

“We were very excited to finally bring Wiener Schnitzel for the rest of the week. But when we got our delivery of veal right before lunch service, we decided against serving it because it just wasn’t up to standard. We only want to serve meat that we can be proud of, and unfortunately that wasn’t the case this morning. The butcher has already apologized profusely, and will try to get us a fresh batch of veal for the rest of the week. We’re sorry but it wasn’t in our control. What was in our control, was the decision to serve it or not, and we decided against it! We promise to have it as soon as we can. We hope that ML’ers will understand!”

Schnitzel Truck is Considering Serving Veal!
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  • Well played Schnitzel crew…well played

  • Wasn’t it in their control to twitter “we don’t have veal” like they twittered “we’ll be ready in 10 minutes, get your schnitz on!” the same way they twittered “we have veal today”?

    Jus sayin…

  • adam, you ask for too much.

  • They sent me a similar response when I tweeted back to MidtownLunch about it. And I said the same thing to them as Adam said – why couldn’t you have told your Twitter followers sooner?

    “Sorry folks, we got bad veal. Will have it later this week!” etc.

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    I think this reeks a bit – as the guy with the aviator glasses taking orders didn’t even know what she was talking about when the first girl asked for ‘veal / wiener schnitzel’.

    Curious what could have transpired in those 15-20minutes of twittergate, as I thought they precooked the schnitzels which means they would have had to been ready well before the tweet went out.

  • Twitters = fuckwits.

    Try a Social life….even talking to people…in stead of ‘networking’.

    Also Cellphone texting…..tossers….just phone them!!

    Also penis enlargement email spam…… typing with said object now….don’t need it!

  • (crossposted)

    Okay, so I just went to the truck today and had the Veal with the chickpea sides. Without a doubt, this is worth $10 (for me). I’ve spent $9 and change at Hing Won, Biryani Cart, or even a by-the-pound salad bar… If I can spend $7 on Kofta & Chicken combo at 53rd st, then the schnitzelis a steal. Moreso if you consider the prices of Kosher Delight or Kosher Oasis [ NOTE: I realize there's an added expense for following Kashrut, but I don't keep Kosher :) ]

    By “worth” I’m considering price / what-you-get…

    The veal is what it should be, crisp, tender, and delicate (You’re not going to find this kind of meat from any street truck). Also, the two sides together are substantial. But most of all – I always thought the schnitz-overflowing-the-container picture was a camera trick. This is a large 8″ diameter platter, and the schnitz covers the entire thing.

    My only complaint is I had to eat through a lot of it before I could get to the sides :)

    So yah, I’ll be back, even at $9-$10 for the food, no doubt.

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