Hello Wiener Schnitzel!

Veal cutlet lovers, get ready for some love because this exciting news came in on the old Twitter Tracker… the Schnitzel Truck is planning to be on 48th btw. Park+Lex today, servingtraditional wiener schnitzel”! $8 for a sandwich, $10 for a platter.


  • 10 bucks for veal cutlet. Not sure. Maybe it’s worth it…

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    No veal, the acted a bit clueless about it too. So don’t venture out for
    it today. “maybe tomorrow or thurs” they said. Also they changed their fries and not in a good way. :(


    I’m on 50th and 6th. I was about to walk all the way to lex for the veener.

    Schnitz and Things is a reader of midtownlunch. How the f#(k can they try to pull a switcheroo on us. Don’t they know the backlash that could result?!

    Schnitzel & Things about 4 hours ago
    Morning everyone.. We will be on 48th bet park and lex today.. Our special today is traditional Wiener schnitzel!! Get ur veal schnitz on!! ∞

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Glad I didn’t make the trek.


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    I thought it used to be $7 and $9.

    Did i miss something in the past few days?

    $10 for tasty but not out of this world schitzel and sorta not very great and not very plentiful side items feels like a rip.

    These guys make good schnitzel, but the combination of high prices and REALLY inflated egos and attitudes makes this a net thumbs down.

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    You’re welcome Adam – just glad I saved someone the trek since I fell for the tweet as did most of the people in line. (~10 of us there before it even opened the window)

    I think the price ($10) is just for the imaginary veal as I’d expect it to be a bit more expensive. I got a chicken platter today which was the normal $9.

  • Uhoh chunc. I sense a schnitzel post with a side of attitude coming your way where they drone on about their costs and the quality of their food and their happy clientele :)

  • Okay, so I just went to the truck today and had the Veal with the chickpea sides. Without a doubt, this is worth $10 (for me). I’ve spent $9 and change at Hing Won, Biryani Cart, or even a by-the-pound salad bar… If I can spend $7 on Kofta & Chicken combo at 53rd st, then the schnitzelis a steal. Moreso if you consider the prices of Kosher Delight or Kosher Oasis [ NOTE: I realize there's an added expense for following Kashrut, but I don't keep Kosher :) ]

    By “worth” I’m considering price / what-you-get…

    The veal is what it should be, crisp, tender, and delicate (You’re not going to find this kind of meat from any street truck). Also, the two sides together are substantial. But most of all – I always thought the schnitz-overflowing-the-container picture was a camera trick. This is a large 8″ diameter platter, and the schnitz covers the entire thing.

    My only complaint is I had to eat through a lot of it before I could get to the sides :)

    So yah, I’ll be back, even at $9-$10 for the food, no doubt.

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