Schnitzel & Things Truck Makes Good First Impression on Midtown

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er “Matt”

It’s good to see that a little heat doesn’t stop Midtown Lunchers from coming out for the schnitzel! (Considering it was the Schnitzel & Things truck’s first visit to Midtown, you know there was going to be a crowd.) By Noon one commenter reported that the line was ten deep, at it seemed to remain that way until at least 12:45. (Although 15 minutes seems to the be longest wait time recordeed.) Reports poured in from Midtown Lunchers, and were pretty much universally good. Here’s what Lunch’er Matt had to say (who also emailed the photo above):

Since the Schnitzel Truck made their debut in Midtown today and I promised myself I’d be there day one, today was the day. My partner in crime at the office Melissa and I showed up about 10 minutes after they had opened according to their twitter. There were about 8 people already there with 4 or so in front and the rest waiting for their food. The wait was very short, for everyone so it looks like they have this cooking/serving thing down to a science. Maybe staying away from Midtown for the first few weeks was a good idea. On to the food!

I ordered the pork, with the roasted beet and feta salad, french fries, and I got an extra order of sauerkraut. The little cup holds sriracha mayo. The pork itself was really tasty. Some of the very end pieces were more batter than meat and thus became burnt and too crispy for my liking but that was only a two nibbles. The rest was all glorious meat. I tried it with the lemon, the mayo, and the kraut and it was all good. The beet salad was amazing, sweet and salty. The french fries were just OK, good but nothing special. The kraut had what appeared to be some red wine vinegar in it as well and was a little bit too sweet for me but it was still very good and I ate the entire thing so I’m not complaining. My coworker had the pork sandwich and it was absolutely amazing. I’m a little jealous. The bread was soft on the outside, toasted on the inside, and everything worked amazingly. I don’t know where they got their bread from but it was spectacular. Overall, a VERY welcome addition to Midtown!

Matt wasn’t the only one who had a good experience. Lunch’er “Brian” emailed to say it was the “best schnitzel” he’s had recently (even compared to a restaurant), and Lunch’er “teeerang” got the cod schnitzel sandwich on ciabatta and said “it was definitely worth the wait and a good value for $7″.

The truck seemed to like Midtown as well. They were sold out by 2pm, and are considering returning tomorrow! Any location requests? Put them in the comments…


  • Schnitzel Truck…. how about somewhere near Bryant Park?

  • Thanks for the great lunch guys. Look forward to seeing you in midtown again.

    wayne: the location they were at today was only a 10 minute walk, I work right next to bryant park, make the walk :)

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    I might try the sandwich next time. The pork was cooked just right and the side sauce of pesto and mayo was good. Not a long wait and service was smooth.

  • Too Hot for Fat Man (me) to walk that far… Come RIGHT outside 57th and 3rd… :-) Zach calls himself a “Fat Man” but I could fit Zach inside my shadow like an eclipse….

  • PS— Read the Forum Comments about how I tip/// I should have mentioned that NUMBER one thing Api tips for is exceptional service, such as special requests.


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    Checked out the Schnitzel Truck today in midtown. Review: Had the chicken schnitzel platter with potato salad, cucumber salad, pesto mayo, and a bratwurst sandwich. For $9 platter i think it’s a litttle overpriced considering the sides seemed a lil meager in the portions and the dipping sauce after about 4 tips its all gone for a large piece of chicken schnitzel. The schnitzel itself was excellent more than enough for 2 people. The bratwurst sandwich definitely a plus. Bread was great, ‘wurst was great, definitely a great sandwich and for $5 best deal on the menu. Got there around 12:30 pm and had to wait about 15 – 20 min. on line before the order was taken and another 5 min. to get the order. So expect about 30 min. in front of the truck but i guess i got there right at the peak of the service. Recommendations the sandwich. sides can be overlooked and portions can be better. definitely need more side condiment but ya can’t go wrong on the schnitzel itself. Hopefully they’ll get the lunch time speed down. Kinda rough standing there for 30 min. when my work lunch is only a hour.

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    Had the Pork with Kraut and Lentils – amazing.

    So happy to have something new in the neighborhood and to finally get quality at a great price.

    Goodbye $10 below-average midtown deli sandwiches – hello schnitzel truck!!!!

  • Just alittle further south boys… 41st and Park would work swimmingly

  • Back to Union Square please!! Or, compromise at Flatiron….

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    it was tasty. they left the pesto mayo out of my platter which made a big difference… and a little pricey at $9, but i’d go back for a sandwich at some point

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    Schnitzel Truck, please come to Herald Square! The closer to 34th/7th, the better. I envy trekmtnbiker — I only get 45 min. MAX for lunch, on a slow day!

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    I second the vote to come back to the Union Square/Flatiron area!

  • I vote for either Times Square or Bryant Park.

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    I don’t get some of the “pricey” comments – have you been to the endless list of awful delis in the area or the other food trucks with sub-par food?

    To get a really well made schnitzel platter with sides that are actually fresh for $9 is a steal.

    Same platter would be $25 and up at a restaurant….

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    holy crap, the sandwich is freakin HUGE! I’m gonna take a nap now, thanks schnitzel!

  • schnitzel truck, please come back downtown next week (week of Aug 17). Broad and Water would be great, I didn’t get to try it last time you were there as I had no idea you were coming and by the time I saw the truck, I had already eaten. Have been dreaming of it ever since.

  • I had the pork schnitzel today with austrian potato salad, sauerkraut and pesto mayonnaise. It was HEAVENLY even though I had to commute over from wall street. I couldn’t get over how good it was and it was weiner heaven! Bring on the veal please!

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