Schnitzel Truck is Considering Serving Veal!

It looks like the soon to open Schnitzel & Things Truck took notice of this morning’s wienerschnitzel lovefest.  via Twitter: “A Schnitzel debate huh?? Actually Wiener Schnitzel DOES not have to be veal. Who wants veal? Let us know!” Followed by: “We’ll open with Veal schnitzel as a special! It’ll be more expensive but if it sells, we’ll keep it on permanently”.  I know I don’t speak for everybody when I say this, but “Yes please!”  Also, thanks for the wiener schnitzel lesson.  I always forget that wiener means “from Vienna” and not veal.  Whatever veal schnitzel is called, I want it.


  • As one who is composed of LOTS of German blood, I can tell you that wienerschnitzel does NOT have to be veal. In fact, in the old country, veal is (well, actually WAS) a very rare and expensive ingredient.

    My paternal grandparents (who escaped from the 1930′s Berlin) used everything from chicken to pork.

    But, I must say, that when anyone eats “Schnitzel” from a New Yawk City “Truck” on the street, they are FAR more adventurous than I could ever be.

    They might be eating someone’s pet cat!

  • You are composed of LOTS of horse manure. Some of the horses may have been German

  • Chucky, they the ones that came over on the mayflower?


  • A pet cat???? what’s wrong with you??

  • Well, ‘Fred’, since you are living with a horse (BigBear = David W. = 437 pounds = Atlanta, GA) you should be an expert on horses — that’s for sure.


    And, Rudy, I don’t think any horses came over on the ‘mayflower’, but I’m sure that some Horse’s asses may have sneaked over through Ellis Island!

    And, ‘SchnitzelThings’ — alas, by pet cat in San Francisco was kidnapped (well, actually catnapped) off the street, and ended up in a chinese restaurant’s stew.

    Now, PLEASE, can we move on to the ‘Ins & Outs’ of good Wiener Schnitzel, and how it should be prepared, and how it should be served, and how it should be sold?

    Thank you very much.

  • Hey Schnitzel people

    I like your menu and your willingness to appease Midtown Lunchers. And nice work including cuke salad on the menu.

    If you can do veal for an extra buck I think you’d have a hit on your hands. $2 or more extra would probably make it invisible to your average truck-food customer.

    May I also suggest you play Austrian tunes from the truck? You know, Mozart, Falco, that sort of thing. Maybe even the schnitzelbank song

    We will be there to inspect your wares the day you open… good luck

  • Thanks for the support Wayne!! We will certainly take your other requests into consideration!!

  • From my brief time in Germany and Austria, I remember Schnitzel made with pork, or any other meat for that matter, was denoted on the menu. For example, in Germany, a Pork Schnitzel was offered on the menu as Schnitzel Wiener Art and a Weiner Schnitzel was assumed to be made with veal.

    Semantics aside, I can’t wait to try this truck out. Cooks Illustrated recently did a Schnitzel recipe and one of the secrets is shaking the pan while it’s cooking.

  • Awesome!! We are extremely happy that so many people are enthusiastic about schnitzel!!!

  • Just don’t let DocChuck sell you any meat for the schnitzels – possum does not make good schnitzel…..

  • Well Louise Brescia (I mean ‘Fred’), as a native Southerner (not a transplanted Brooklyn New Yawka like yourself) I happen to know that a LOT of folks in Atlanta are quite find of possum, whether it be in schnitzel OR in a good stew.

    However, I haven’t heard of Georgians using possum in ‘Gnocchi for Big Bear.’

  • Down yonder in the holler where DocChuck n’ his cronies sack up, squirrel n’ possum, thats some good eats, yeeeeeeeee doggies. Jist be shor u pick out them there bits o’ buckshot, ya hear?

  • DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter…Why do you insist on rewriting history and posting fabrications created in your own imagination and twisted mind? That makes no sense whatsoever. Your paternal grandparents didn’t arrive in the United States from Germany to escape Hitler’s rise and fall. Oscar and Anna Treuter were both born and reared in New Orleans, LA. Oscar served in the United States army in WWI and claimed he was a victim of mustard gas. That World War was prior to Hitler’s regime. Your paternal great grandfather, William (a Lutheran), did immigrate from Germany but when he arrived in the U.S. he married into an Irish Catholic family as did his son Oscar.

    Here’s an interesting fact for your edification:
    You are not all that Germanic in point of fact. You are a mixture of German, Irish, English (James Gatewood, your maternal grandfather was English) and now for the REAL SHOCKER: you also have some Jewish blood in your family tree. Charles, are you still breathing?

    Keep it real, “doc” and cut the bullshit or at least stop trying to feed it to other Internet posters and bloggers.

    Read the following blog site and its blog pages to assist you in attempting to make at least a step or two back toward reality and planet Earth. Drop the pretense, lies, and unnecessary crap…you’ll be better off for it and happier.

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