Kosher Deluxe Offers Up A Schnitzel Primer

A mini argument discussion broke out in the comments the other day over who makes the best schnitzel: Jews or Germans. I suppose the two aren’t mutually exclusive, but the premise of the argument was chicken vs. veal/pork.  Sadly I have to go against my people on this one, and agree that wiener schnitzel is clearly the superior schnitzel- although I wouldn’t turn my nose up at some good Israeli style Kosher chicken schnitzel.

So with all this talk of schnitzel, and the Schnitzel Truck still weeks away, I hit up Kosher Deluxe (on 46th btw. 5+6th) on Monday for a little chicken schnitzel in pita action.


Like most of the Kosher restaurants in Midtown, Kosher Deluxe is pretty expensive for what it is- leaving you with few choices under $10.  Luckily, they make up for it by letting you go hog wild on their pickled veggie bar- which is easily the best in Midtown.  Once you factor in the pickle bar, their falafel in pita is an amazing deal.  The schnitzel ($9.50) and shawarma in laffa (now $10.50!!!) a little less so.  But I was in the mood.


What’s their not to like?  Deep fried chicken fingers, in a pita, slathered with hummus.  I can’t say any of the spices (if there were any) stood out in my mind, but whatever. Chicken fingers in a pita is good stuff. And once you add their spicy Israeli salad, and pickled mango sauce (they have the orange stuff too) it’s all good.  Toss in the free plate of pickles, cabbage slaws, carrots, and delicious delicious eggplant (which Olympic Pita Baraca does not have) and you feel a little less guilty about spending $10 for a small pita sandwich. The bread can’t hold a candle to the fresh baked laffa at Baraca, but it’ll do.


Still, nothing beats a breaded veal cutlet (followed closely by a standard pork cutlet.)  And I’m very excited for the Schnitzel Truck to finally hit the road…

Kosher Deluxe (aka the beauty of the laffa- and free salad bar!)


  • The Schnitzel Truck only has chicken and pork. Isn’t wiener schnitzel traditionally veal?

    From Wikipedia:
    “While the traditional Wiener Schnitzel is made of veal, it is now sometimes made of pork, though in that case it is often called Schnitzel Wiener Art (Germany) or Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein (Austria) to differentiate it from the original. In Austria, the term Wiener Schnitzel is protected by law, and any schnitzel called by that name has to be made from veal.”

    I’m also wondering how Schnitzel compares to Japanese Katsu.

  • Yeah… it’s true they only have pork. Maybe I should have written that last line differently. I’m excited to even have pork over chicken.

  • I’ve always been skeptical/curious about these places. I don’t generally consider “Kosher” to be a type of food. This place is also surrounded by other middle eastern choices. I guess I’m going to have to try it.

  • The food in the pics look good but nothing on this page has even a remote resemblance to schnitzel (despite what their menu may say)

    see, this is how holocausts get started

  • hahaha Wayne just invoked Godwin’s law, I never thought I’d see that on this website.

  • Wayne, are you implying Hitler was served substandard schnitzel in prison and his anger at this led directly to Krystal Nacht?

  • I believe that more than the art school story..

  • P.S. Not Sure Godwin’s law is applicable when the string already has a Semitic bent.

  • Hey Zach, I was debating posting this in your forum under “Deal (sort of)” or something but wasn’t sure how you’d feel about that. Since you posted about Kosher Deluxe – they emailed me yesterday and said if customers mention me/my blog (the Feisty Foodie), their drink is on the house. I got a little confused because I’ve never been there and thought maybe it was alcoholic but I guess it’s not? anyway, just thought you might be interested. If not, you can delete this. :)

  • Hey now, I just saw o ntheir tweet that Schnitzel Truck might actually have Wiener Schnitzel (Veal!) as a special. Awesome!

  • False schnitzel advertising will lead to no good… if McDonalds changed their menu from chicken mcnuggets to avian mcschnitzels, clowns with red hair and noses everywhere would be rounded up for a Final McSolution

  • Schnitzel Truck told me via twitter they will be serving veal.

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    I used to get grilled chicken salads from here and sometimes a bit of a schnitzel would slip in – and it was always amazing! I am a fan!

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