New Schnitzel & Things Truck Launching in Early July

You would think that all the stories of new food carts being intimidated out of their spots would curb the number of new mobile food vendors coming to Midtown, but nope.  The parade marches on.  The latest venture (which the owner claims has been in the works “for a while”) is Schnitzel & Things, a new truck that plans on launching in early July serving an Austrian style schnitzel and side dishes. They will be parking all over the city, but plan on splitting lunch between Midtown & Downtown (“with a focus on Midtown”.)  For those who aren’t familiar with schnitzel it’s a breaded cutlet, and Schnitzel & Things plans on serving versions made from chicken, pork and cod. The menu (which you can see here) also includes bratwurst, Austrian potato salad, sauerkraut, and various other salads and condiments.  The owner is from the Ukraine, but has lived in NYC most of his life.  The inspiration for the truck came from a year spent in Vienna where he was inspired to quit his banking job and come back to New York to cook.

If you can’t wait until early July, you can get Israeli schnitzel at Kosher Deluxe (on 46th btw. 5+6th) or Baguette Express (on 37th btw. 5+6th), and German Schnitzel at Hallo Berlin Express (on 9th btw. 50+51st.)  But for the Austrian version, you’ll have to wait for the truck- which you can follow (naturally) on Twitter.


  • Ahhh Wiener Schnitzel. Need to see how good their food is first. 7 for a sandwich and 9 for a plate is no joke.

  • Sounds tight and I like the sauce selection. Although Schnitzel in NYC is suspect when not made by Jews. Need fries too!!

  • I can’t wait. So excited for more German food options for lunch in Midtown.

  • “Schnitzel in NYC is suspect when not made by Jews” ???

    Conrad, baby, jew schnitzel is an aberration against nature. Israelis like to use fowl (chicken, or Yahweh-forbid turkey) for their schnitzel, not the lovely Austrian veal or nearly-everywhere-else-in-europe pork. In NYC you’re better off in the german places my friend… let the jews fry their falafels

  • As much as I like the kosher Schnitzel (what’s not to like about fried chicken?) I have to agree on Wayne about this one. Nothing beats wienerschnitzel (aka veal).

  • RE: “Although Schnitzel in NYC is suspect when not made by Jews.”

    Just when I think I’ve heard it all, then someone makes a comment like the one above!!!

    I have to hope that my German relatives in the “Great Beyond” are not able to read today’s New Yawk City Jewish “food blogs”.

    If they could, they would undoubtedly return from the grave with VENGEANCE!

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