Only 3 Weeks Left to Enjoy Miss Softee


Miss Softee, who has gotten lots of attention from the Midtown Lunch’ing faithful in recent weeks, is “retiring” from the soft serve game in 3 weeks.  She’s leaving the game at the end of September to do some traveling, so if you want to get any last minute cones (or flirting) in, now is the time. Also, just as a FYI, she got kicked out of her normal daytime spot (on 40th and 5th) on Friday due to the Fashion Week madness going on in Bryant Park.  She tried moving to 41st and 5th, but the cops would have none of it and it isn’t entirely clear if she’ll be allowed to return even after Fashion Week ends.  She had her truck “Maddy” parked on 47th & 6th on Friday but I’d suggest you follow her on twitter (or the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker) just to be safe.

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