Miss Softee Baked Today’s Special Herself


It looks like Miss Softee, the Queen Frostine Ice Cream Truck driver, was inspired by her ice cream sandwich mash up with the Treats Truck last week.  Yesterday was her day off, and she spent it baking.  The result?  Two specials today, featuring homemade goodies.  First, a $6 sundae with a WARM brownie, vanilla ice cream, choc syrup, and a little butterscotch, plus whipped cream (that’s just a model, you can get whatever toppings you want.) The second special is also $6, and features vanilla ice cream topped with a “chilled berry-misu” (whatever that is!)  Sounds good.  She’ll be parked on 40th St. & 5th Ave. from around 12:30pm until around 6:30pm.  After that you can follow her on Twitter, or the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker.

PROFILE: Midtown Lunch’er “Chrissy” (aka Miss Softee)


  • I can tell that the thing on the left is a big tray of brownies, but WTF is the stuff on the right? It looks like chili to me. I loooove chili, and am sad the the soup truck (45th and 6th NE corner) went away for the summer.

  • The right looks like a fruit compote, to be served over ice cream.

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    I hope she realizes that she needs to make the brownies in a commercial kitchen. They recently busted a 10-year-old girl for selling lemonade at Riverside Park without a license.

  • @soupdumpling: Reddit FTW.

  • @soupdumpling: I was thinking the same thing about the commercial kitchen.

  • no worries, kids! I’m proud of you for keeping up on your food safety! convinced my local to let me use kitchen after midnight. if you could see the size of my oven — would have taken hours to finish!! (I’d probably still be working on them — lol) now, my homemade mac’n'cheese dinner, that was at home. but the specials today are not pour from
    the box mix, they’re my own recipes from scratch!

    <3 miss softee

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    Miss Softee,

    Thank you so much for clarifying this! Just didn’t want you to get into trouble like that poor little girl.

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    Thanks for clarifying too! I had the same concerns! Funny how we’re all attuned to these issues.

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    A baker too? A woman of many talents.
    I bet she tosses a mean cookie.

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